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Detox Q & A w/ Dr. Amy Rachelle

Detox Supplements and Common Practices –  Q & A

Amino acids/protein (when do you know you’ve had enough for any given day)
>Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.  You’ll likely know you’ve had adequate amounts in a day because you’ll feel naturally strong, healthy, can calm.
Flax oil 
>2-3 tablespoons per day, Udo’s 3,6,9 Brand
Bentonite Clay
>Bentonite is too potentially congestive for someone with a digestion that’s probably only working to a limited degree.
Coffee enemas
>For someone with a sensitive system and compromised digestive system, I would only recommend water with a bit of sea salt… many of these cleansing practices are too abrasive for the colon wall for someone with limited digestive capacity likely like yourself.
Clay & psylium husk
>very much the same as bentonite and coffee enemas.
Magnesium absorption is an issue
 >taking high amounts of pharmaceticuls can greatly rob magnesium… vit D is said to help magnesium uptake, so I’d suggest looking for a good whole food supplement to help with this – try the company Innate.
Iron binding capacity is issue
>well, yes, of course it is given your condition, and this is back to eliminating toxicity from the blood, and rebuilding it.
Cold symptoms 
>cold symptoms are just the bottom kicking in its natural way to heal – which is to eliminate the excess in the way, which we call “cold symptoms.” In my anyway, the solution is always working with how the body naturally works to heal itself, which is through fasting.
Arise and shine formula
>don’t suggest formulas and packages per se for you right now…. a simple cleanse would be much easier on you
Back issues from a lot of laying down
>soak in a hot bath with epsom salts. Infrared sauna.
>very common given a compromised state health…

About Dr. Amy:
Based in New York City and Bali, Indonesia –  Amy Rachelle is a naturopath specializing in raw and wholefood nutrition combined with detoxification, and understanding oneself, science to spirit.  She created Pure Raw in 2005 and has since coach thousands of individuals in living and eating healthier.

Her work is a successful and proven formula that helps people to:

  • develop lifelong habits for eating and living healthy, physical to emotional, personal to professional.
  • balance body weight
  • heal skin imbalances (acne, psoraisis, excema, etc)
  • be free of digestive difficulties:  colitis, constipation, bloating, headaches,  candida, gas, headaches, dark circles under eyes, back pain, & fatigue
  • regain skin elactiscity, feel fresh and whole with more energy, greater vibrancy, and a vibrant presence
  • feel purposeful, be free of depression, balance mental stability, heal relationships, gain clarity
For more about Dr. Amy and her work, please see amyrachelle.com, or contact her directly to discuss a protocol for your health needs:  amy@amyrachelle.com.
Bali 2014 Events

-10 Day Raw Food Chef Certification & Detox Training, & November 5-16, 2015


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Become A Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach – 5 Reasons Why

Do you dream of living from what you love?  Yes…  and having lived this full time for the past 13 years, I’m happy to share these hints – inspiration for going for – your hearts dream, in service to all through taking good care of yourself, and helping others to eat, live, and be healthy.

Why Become A Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach?

1) Keep Yourself On Track

You know what they say:  “we teach what we most need to learn,” and “teach to master.”  Being a Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach is an excellent way to reinforce what’s important to you, to build a self-support system that takes care of your health, while being in service to others.  To ensure taking good care of yourself, do what you love that supports your own self-care and growth as priority.

2) Help Transform Lives
Imagine yourself contributing to others while feeling on track with your own health and well-being.  Your witnessing others benefit from your experience and education – and feeling supremely satisfied knowing that your self-care, dedication, and actions are helping others – while building your business.  There’s not much that’s ultimately more satisfying than contributing to others, especially given from one’s own self-love.

3) Create Livelihood From Purpose & Passion
Having benefited tremendously from your own health path, the natural urge is to share your passion with others.  Whether you choose to make money from coaching or not, to realize one’s true power in the world as a healing force in service – is to live great and with purpose.  Take care of yourself not only in body and being, yet financially, while helping others.

4) Cultivate Your Own Voice & Expertise
Learning from others, life, studies – our body – sets the stage for our own voice to emerge, and unique expertise.  Coach to gain access to the teachings within you.  Tap the fountain of your own knowing, and keep it flowing!  Give expression to what you naturally carry within you, and grow it while opening the pipeline to your highest potential.

5) Coach Family & Friends, Start Your Own Business, Or Augment Your Current Practice
Practically speaking, coaching enables you to feel confident in sharing your passion and purpose with others, whether you create income or not.  Your holistic nutrition and detox education offers you a solid foundation to casually contribute to others, build your own business, or add nutrition and detox into your current business model.


Like to study Holistic Nutrition & Detox in depth?

Holistic Nutrition & Detox Teacher Training Program                                                                                                                                                                                  Coach, Teach, Facilitate.. Personal to Professional. Self-Growth to Self-Employed.                                                                                                                           http://www.amyrachelle.com/amy-rachelles-holistic-nutrition-detox-training-details/

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The Road of Receiving: 7 Tips for Getting What You Want

The Road of Receiving
7 Tips for Getting What You Want

Heading into the fall season in the west, and summer in the east, I’m writing you on a plane that’s about to land back home in Bali, after 5 months of constant travel.  As I’ve journeyed, the different seasons, cities, climates, and terrains bring to mind the continuous cycle of life and death that’s constantly shedding – and simultaneously recreating itself.

Staying in balance and harmony with this natural force within myself, probably like you, I’m constantly challenged to truly take care of myself, and therefore self-reinvent – especially when I’m constantly on the go, and I realize the need to allow time and space to integrate (to receive) all the changes taking place.  I ask myself, “Am I really taking it all in, instead of racing to the next car, train, or plane?

Most important, beyond objectives, plans, and desires, are we truly receiving each moment, all we experience – no matter the contour or color – right now?  Many of us pray for health, abundance, love, etc., though do we actually receive it – as if basking in the sunrays? If only we soaked in all that we work so hard for, longed in anguish over, and hoped for with intensity.

Here’s 7 tips – a writing exercise if you choose – in opening the doors wide for receiving your heart’s call, love, and life in general.

  1. Check Your Inner Awareness Barometer – Take A Self-Reading.                                          
  • “Am I fully present within myself – to my heart?”
  • “Am I receiving the deeper calls of my heart?  What are they?”

      2.  Find Out What You Need

  • “What deeper need is being fulfilled beneath my hearts call?”
  • “What do I need to stay in continuous touch with it and what does this look like?”
  1. Reinvent: Your Self-Vision
  • What are the habits of receiving and reinvention, based on your true hearts calling?
  • Day to day, how do you feel living the habits that allow you to truly receive your hearts call, life, and others?
  1. Account for Challenges
  • How are you challenged in developing new habits that allow you to receive?
  • A support system helps hold you accountable for receiving your hearts call, love from others, opportunities, etc.  What is yours?
  1. Receiving Opportunities
  • Is receiving a key component in getting what you want?
  • What are the potential opportunities that exist for you by truly and fully receiving what life is offering you?
  1. Plan of Action
  • Suggestion:  create a map, or a vision board, depicting your vision for receiving.   Meditate on it daily.  Note:  Prayer is the act of asking, and meditation is the act of receiving.
  • Outline how you’re inspired to start.  Example:  receiving a smile from a stranger, taking time instead of doing more, allowing others to help you.
  1. Activation
  • Act on the messages, and therefore direction you receive.  Acting on how you are guided from within strengthens and completes the circuit.  You know the expression, “use it or lose it.”J
  • Keep reinforcing habits that position you to receive – allowing you to build, rather than expend energy and resources.


Bali 2014 Events
US:  917-306-9977
Bali:  08 123 916 5702


We want to support you and your bestie so….

She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She smiles when you feel like screaming, and she sings when you feel like crying. She cries when you’re happy and laughs when you’re afraid. Her love is unconditional. The silence behind every sound is love.

Sounds like your best friend?
images (1)

We’re offering you the chance to support yourself and that sister in your life. Oct. 3-7 we’re digging in deep in Bali – to detox with our 5 day Women’s Retreat – cleansing the body, old self-sabotaging belief systems, and outdated emotions – as we empower ourselves, blood to bones, bio-chemically and spiritually, mentally and emotionally. We can do this and I believe together is better.


Hope to see you in Bali soon….


Detox Q&A from Dr. Amy

I have some questions. Since the retreat I have been extremely sensitive to almost everything. I have eaten very little, and still on fasting days, I feel disturbed in my bowls. Also very gassy all the time. However, I have had regular and comfortable visits to the toilet. But it feels like I have become too rigid and nervous concerning foods in general. My mind is not relaxed and is fearful of ingesting.

I experiment with different foods, juices and blends, but there is no patterns which direct me in what to eat. A green juice can hurt more than a coffee etc.

Can you help me?

Amy writes:

What you’re experiencing isn’t uncommon in the beginning phases of the detox
process. I know it can seem frustrating, and concerning in terms of where you
find your mind at times. Know this is natural and all a part of the long term
cleansing process. It takes much experimentation, learning to be flexible and
unsure at times – and getting to know just how much congestion we have in
the beginning. This will change over time by allowing yourself to find your way
organically – letting go of expectations, pressure, or fear of doing things wrong…
experimenting is really how we learn, listening to the results of how the body
reacts, and adjusting. You’re learning your body, so you may not know what to
eat or do at times, though by sticking with it in a relaxed, aware, and non-rigid
way, you have the opportunity to really get to know (through trail and error)
what it needs.

Technically speaking, it sounds like you’ve hit major pockets of gas – actually
your symptoms are good new because it means your body is stirring up, and
attempting to eliminate the old waste… with time and keeping with your practice
and awareness of your body’s response, it will come out. It works in stages.
Typically first we have a hard belly (remember how you learned this about yourself
in class?) – this indicates dry, hard, compacted waste stored in the small and large
intestines. It could seem quite deceiving because you have such a beautiful flat
belly – though nonetheless, it was quite back up when you were here in Bali a few
months ago. Now through your diligence, the waste is loosening – which is the first
step in it becoming soluble enough to turn to slush and come out. In this stage, there
is often much gas pressure/storage to deal with that can cause cramping, bloating, and
pain. It’s enough to make you not want to eat anything, and often the mind can become
rigid here because we think we should be doing things a certain way. Likely your body
would prefer to fast now – even on just simple blends. When your digestion is congested,
and food isn’t working, we may need a break from eating, and only consume mushy/liquid
foods that are easy to digest… and that help turn hard old backed up stuff into soft slush.
This takes time, patience, and lots of letting go. You’re likely faced with emotional tension
at the same time. Are you storing stress in your belly? This will also cause constriction,
churning, and in turn a rough feeling in the body – and it’s compounded because you’re usually
not eliminating well (even if you are pooping twice per day – you’re still constipated, just not
quite as bad as when you first started… so see you are making progress).

The danger in this stage is when we don’t understand what’s happening with our body, we get
frustrated, and often end of doing what everyone else is doing – which means consuming foods,
holding stress, and in general not digesting well… of course you’ll likely feel frustrated and not
knowing what to do.

Here’s some suggestions:

1. Be sure to be drinking minimum 3 liters of water and/or tea, fresh vegetable juice (except
carrot and beet since too high in sugar), lemonade, etc… all clear liquids with no fiber. Even more
is better, given the amount of gas pressure you have (which remember, indicates there is a whole
lot of backed up poo with that the gas is blocking). Get it wet enough, consistently, so it can move.
2. Identify where you may be contributing to intestinal holding and keep letting go… this means
emotionally, with foods that are difficult to digest, do things you don’t want to do (stress), and in
general not listening to your body and intuition.
3. Do a daily enema each morning on an empty stomach after drinking a few liters of water. You could
do this for weeks, considering how backed up you’ve been/gassy. This is critical in getting out waste
your peritalsis muscle is to weak to eliminate naturally. Once you’ve gotten out enough (and some
sessions may be nothing be gas – good!), then you’re body will recover from any dependency from enemas
and likely start working much better on its own. Be patient and persistent.
4. Do a colonic at least once per week, as well as the enemas to really good deep with the cleansing.
5. Avoid dehydrated foods, too much fat, and anything non-juicy or difficult to digest.
6. What stresses you? Let go lots – live as stress free as possible by facing emotions, and letting them go.
7. Are you exercising regularly? If not, this will help much to increase your circulation.

So in essence love, please be patient with your self and non-rigid, experiment with different foods that may also may not always be raw, if that’s what your body is calling for. Keep letting go, and allowing yourself just to be, and remember its more about going slow, step by step, rather than attempting to force your body to do something its just not ready for. Enjoy each phase, be curious without goals or agendas around it… just do it for yourself, and keep letting go. From this place you can slow down with ease, enjoy the process, and truly learn from your

Let me know you do, and feel free to ask for help.

Big hug and love,

Amy Rachelle