What are raw/live foods?

Living or raw foods are uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts. Some eat raw meat as well. Our approach is vegan – devoid of all animal products.

Why eat raw/live foods?

  • Heating over 118 degrees is known to destroy up to 85% of heat sensitive enzymes. Without enzymes we wouldn’t be able to blink our eyes, digest our food, or perform a host of other bodily functions.
  • Demineralization and denatured food (largely caused by high heat processing) is a primary cause of aging, illness, lack of energy, and mental disorders. Eating raw cleanses the system of physical and emotional ailments, encourages healing from the inside out and builds a strong immune system.
  • Stay hydrated with foods water based foods.
  • Eat raw for perfect digestion, longevity, beauty, well being and supreme health. Live foods assist in stripping away layers of the body and mind to reveal our true nature.
  • Weight loss happens effortlessly as the body achieves balance.
  • Living creatures are said to run on electricity – a bio electrical current – uncook to keep your conductivity strong! Get the glow!
  • Live foods have less impact on the environment and contribute to planetary awareness and sustainability.

Why eat organic?

Organic foods are free of pesticides and chemicals. Free radicals caused by these compounds store in the body’s tissue and organs, contributing to disease. A conventional crop is in transistion for 7 years before the soil is regenerated enough to be certified organic. In season organic produce generally tastes better and has more life force. Organic foods support the future of the planet.