Do You Have Parasites?


Happy Fall Season!

As the coolness of autumn falls upon the western hemisphere, and summer slips away – how are you handling life’s one constant?
Change… the one thing that remains the same.

I write you on board a flight from NYC to Rome. It’s been an amazing, beautiful, and challenging 7 weeks stateside, in my homeland.  Change is welcome as I journey on to life’s next call.  On this long flight I’m thinking about some of the more dense lessons of this past period.

One of the things that comes is that I’m super thankful to write the story and script of life according to who I am now, rather than from pain filters of the past. A little critter showed up recently, and showed me why I needed to do this.

Recently I was diagnosed with Giardia by the worlds leading expert on parasites.  I refuse to take the pharmaceuticals prescribed at $1,800, for 10 days.  What a joke.

Outraged, I’m also happy about it.  It’s prompted me to dig deeper for a truly natural cure.  I’ve tested many over the years with clients, without affective results.  It’s quite a quandary given these factors, and especially because not everyone can make it to New York City to see Dr. Cahill.

Btw – in case you don’t know already, Dr. Cahill says stool tests are 70% inaccurate. So if you’re itchy (anywhere – and in the bum), have rashes or skin problems, bloating, loose stools, achey, have sleep disturbances, tired, or chronically sick –  you may have parasites.  For women, they may be extra aggravating during peri-menopausal/menopause years (40-55).  Traditional stool tests often don’t find them.  It’s known parasites are MOST ALWAYS the root cause of MOST ALL illnesses, and what ails us.
I’ve been hearing about parasite cleansing with turpentine and castor oil for years.  Researching it on Youtube, Dr. Jennifer Daniels and SunFoodDan inspired me to give it a go.  It’s been 2 weeks now, and my system is definitely cleaning up.  I can tell because symptoms are disappearing. The jury is still out if it’s gotten rid of my new friends.  Friends?  Yes, they have a message for me – for us. Think it’s only a physical issue?  Not in my personal experience, or working with thousands of people over the years.   Facing “them” is helping me to be proactive with boundaries, and face what’s going on inside of me – rather than refusing emotions that were at one time (in childhood), not safe to feel.
Back to the turpentine.  I know what you’re thinking – so did I at first. “You mean – turpentine – like, paint thinner?”  Yes, though this is the food grade kind – it’s 100% Pure Gum Spirits.  Be sure to get this only.  I bought it off Amazon.  And organic castor oil in a glass bottle (not plastic).  It doesn’t taste bad, and it’s actually quite easy to take – just before bed is my preferred way – to sleep off symptoms.  So far its been quite gentle (though at the same time – strong). I can still eat, work, and live normally.  You would just need to start out on a low dosage till you find your threshold.  One more thing, it may release inflammation and arthritic symptoms… so don’t be surprised if you feel achey in your joints – and it gets worse before better.  This is how natural healing most often works.  Just go slower so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Also, be sure to get your blood and bowels moving:

-colonics, and/or do enemas (preferably daily)

-hot epsom salt baths



-breathing exercises


-stay super hydrated, minimum 3 liters daily of good water, herbal tea, and fresh juice

It’s very important to get the poop out (it will be full of toxic die off), blood flowing, and your oxygen uptake increasing – so you don’t feel too crappy.  Eliminating from your bowels, and pores each day with the above, you’ll likely feel much better.   I don’t recommend doing this cleanse without the above helpers.  What if you or your loved one just won’t do colonics or enemas?  Be sure to take the turpentine with castor oil, and that you poo 3 times daily.  Then reconsider, as water irrigation will help more than words can express, and you won’t believe how much is in there, clogging up the release of critters.
Is turpentine safe?  Yes, so long at it’s 100% Pure Gum Spirits (food grade), and not the chemical type, and its taken correctly.  Turpentine is an old granny cure.  And it’s natural, made from pine. .

Does everyone have parasites?  Perhaps.  Really, everyone?  Over the 16 years I’ve been sending people to Dr. Cahill, only 1 in 20 tests negative.  It doesn’t mean they are all destructive or to be rid of…. though it very well might mean that.
Could critters be at the core of what ails us for almost everything?  Could they be the cause of aches, pains, arthritis, headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, and in general feeling bad?  Absolutely.  Most important is to investigate, and find out for yourself.  Some people aren’t symptomatic. Though that doesn’t mean these pesky messengers aren’t wreaking havoc on your health.  Often lying dormant, they tend to get activated by an acidic internal environment, when stressed, under pressure, through hormonal changes, and intense emotional experiences.
Best practice?

1.  Do due diligence and get informed.

2.  Don’t ignore it or brush it aside, as they only grow – not lessen – gone untreated.

3.  Get proper testing/treatment,

Feeling paranoid? Don’t let that bug you (hahaha), just get proactive.  Now is the time.

And remember, they aren’t just in 3rd world countries, they are everywhere.  Most of us are full of parasitical messages we haven’t received. The could news is they can be acknowledged and acted upon that helps us get, yes – get the message.

Let me know how your investigation and journey goes.  Also check out our Facebook Parasite Info & Support page, and share your experience. It’s very helpful for those seeking solutions.

Love & Support,

Like to learn more, and do a guided turpentine cleanse?  Come to Bali!  Next month at the end of October, we will do a 5 day detox in paradise, and create an internal terrain that isn’t so cozy and conducive for critters. 10 Day Raw Food, Detox, & Teacher Training Retreat, Bali – Oct. 28-Nov. 16

Still Have IT Going On?


Dearest Reader,

Good day –  from New York City.

The slight hint of fall is in the air, a relief after the sweltering month of August – I actually love it.

As I was walking down the street this morning – in summer shorts and tank – a very bright homeless man in a wheel chair, in true NY street style said:  “you still got it goin’ on sister.”

I chuckled inside at that very NY moment… there’s a rawness and realness here that’s unique to this city. It’s at the core of why I love it. Dirty, loud, big – and real.  In my mind, it was less a commentary of me, my person, age, how I look, etc., and more an appreciation of our shared humanity.  When a potent truth is spoken, it has a way of touching us – no matter who it comes from.  It transcends cleanliness, having a home or not, and even one’s degree of sanity. Truth…. the great equalizer that connects our humanity.   Like it or not, solicited – or not – spoken truths serve as a snapshot into our interconnectedness;  also our lack of it, and need for it.

Then of course my ego chimed in, and I laughed at how the mind just loves to seek validation, in almost anyone or anything… and could miss the deeper meaning, blocked by “am I good enough” chatter.  Though in that moment, the most valuable thing was the connection of our joint humanity, and how his truth touched me… beyond any division we may otherwise perceive.  It also reminded me how the carving of age can serve as a catalyst to explore one’s depth, or it can be a bitter knife than never penetrates the hard surface… leaving one disconnected.

It also made me question his seemingly simple words…. and how we find (self) value.  What’s it mean for you…. “you still got it going on sister (or brother)?”  What’s your source of value, no matter the outer worlds opinion or view?  And what is that “it” factor that allows us to – still have it going on – no matter age, (changing) looks, money, etc?  Surely it’s an expression of one’s truth.

And even in times when we question our own value, truth – we feel restless – want things to move more, or we’re confused on where life is going – how very reassuring that we can always come home within, take care of body, and even challenge ourselves to get curious about our own truth within…. and its expression.

As summer fades to fall, what are you leaving behind – and taking with you as a resource to nourish and tap your expressive truth?  Does wisdom well call you deeper to drink of her truths?  Perhaps this nourishment is what it means to – still have it going on.

My love to you,


The Problem With Following Your Heart


Hello Dear Hearts,

How was your week?  New York City stirs me in curious ways, and inspired today’s writing.

Amateur to pro – shamans, charlatans, and wise people alike – suggest we follow our heart.  Though do they warn us of the potential pitfalls, or problems to prepare for?  Is that even possible?

Sitting in a corner coffee shop on the lower east side, it seems the number of homeless far exceeds what I’ve seen in my 31 year (part-time) abode. Unfulfilled, hopeful, and ridiculously successful dreams walk these streets – the destitute to famous – and absolutely everything in between.  In this sense, it’s the same as when I was a young girl, and first came here from the southern states.

What’s the determining factor that skyrockets one person to wild success, or plummets another to their worst nightmare?  Is it destiny, dharmma, luck, hard work, or freak “coincidences”?  And why do some super excel, while others sizzle out?

Following our heart is great.  And… it can also be fraught with fear, (self)doubt, and questioning if we’re just plain crazy.  Big questions of worthiness are sure to surface, and the measuring stick of quantity over quality may fail us.

In my own quest for the holy grail and beyond, and at times feeling defeated and broken by it, here’s what helps me with the problems we face following the heart… it’s the willingness to:

  1. feel, and move through feelings, keep it moving
  2. not know
  3. let go of control
  4. walk the razors edge
  5. be uncomfortable at times
  6. trust myself and the goodness inside of me
  7. dig deeper within, underneath the disturbance and mental chatter…  and listen closely
  8. get clear on what’s motivating me – is it truly a heart call, or am I driven by something else?
  9. be flexible, and open to things looking different
  10. face the demons of despair and discouragement, feel it, without being determined by it (thanks power of choice)
  11. sharpen my senses so I can hear the good voices over the bad (thanks meditation, yoga, fasting, and eating clean – beyond perfectionism)
  12. acknowledge what is working, and let go of what isn’t
  13. face what keeps me attached to what I think I want and what used to work
  14. open to change and what presents itself in unexpected forms
  15. cultivate a mind-set that allows for my faults and flaws… and love myself anyway
  16.  not take things too personally or seriously, while being accountable
  17.  allow for my own humanness and vulnerability
  18.  soften and receive, rather than manning up and blocking out the hearts voice

So, follow your heart?  Yes.  Though may we be prepared for life’s variations, unexpected twists and turns, and everything in between. Help each other?  Yes please.  Take good care of self as a mainstay, and let go of sacrificing our health for “when” (when I reach this goal, when I accomplish that… etc)?  Absolutely.

Here’s to following your heart and using the issues that arise as a mirror and medicine… reflecting what we really want, while gaining clarity and confidence to go for it, health intact.


Lonely? Do You Receive?


Hello My Dearest Reader,

Thank you for reading, I love you… here’s what I’m thinking about this week….

So many of us long for love, work hard for money – and “go for broke”  – pursuing goals and dreams, people and places.

Though, do we at the same time sit back and receive all we give and work so hard for?  Do we allow the cycle to come full circle?

Receiving the hard earned fruits of our labor, the reward of achievement, is typically (what we think) we want most.  Though, we may need to exercise a different muscle to actually receive it  Habituated in doing, our input levels often aren’t in balance with our output.  We all know how this can affect our self-care, food, and lifestyle choices.

A few Hail Merry mini chocolate pies later from Whole Foods, the feeling is bittersweet leaving my family in Tulsa, Oklahoma… and arriving my beloved New York City.  The love and care of my family is so palpable it hurts.  And the differences so vast, they teach me to dig deep in myself to bridge gaps. To mend the holes within myself, and with them.  It’s been a long haul, though now the Great Unconditional Love and Acceptance Teacher is bestowing her gifts.  She asks me to acknowledge and receive love in all her many forms; in all his varying sizes, shapes, nuances and subtleties.  In its stillness, steadiness, and what seemed like a lack of expression. I’ve often missed this, as the all pervasive wound within spoke louder.

Not knowing if this will be the last time I see my elderly mother, or my much older siblings, time teaches me to not take life for granted, and to give thanks for every little moment we have together. It asks me to receive love in ways that I’ve been blind to.

I realize how much I’ve rejected what I most wanted.  Receiving love as is – rather than what it “should be” – is allowing circuitry to finally come around and complete.  I don’t need to work so hard in this place.  Receiving teaches me to work smarter, not harder.  Have you been working hard for love in your life?

Did I miss the enrichment of their love, because I didn’t know how to receive it?  Did I negate a part of my own humanity because I couldn’t always accept theirs?  Perhaps.  The more I open up and receive it now, the more the wounded child inside realizes it was always there. So very healing.  It’s never too late.

I also learn that love often comes in unfamiliar ways that challenge my heart to open, that asks me to acknowledge what is working, rather than focusing on what’s broken.  It invites me to let go of the past, and let love in – now.

Though there are no guarantees, there’s still time to love and be loved, give and receive, and allow that little child inside to be loved, because she can finally let it in.

Perhaps its easier to take good care of self, eat well, exercise, etc… when we feel loved… simply because we receive what’s always been there.

Is your receiving muscle ready for exercise?  May we open us and just let it in!

Bless your week of receiving love.


Handling Others Hurt…

Hello Hello!

How’s your week been?  Arriving stateside, things sure feel and look different than the rolling hills of Italy that I just came from.  Acclimatizing to varied views can mean using different parts of oneself.  This place can expand us and offer great insights – and it can also create resistance – destabilizing our inner world and healthy habits.  It’s often a fine line between making mistakes, and meeting miracles.

I’m wondering how you feel, when you catch your own mistakes. Especially the infuriating, repeated ones that crop up again and again… likely when we’re most tired.  Personally, I can lean towards being hard on myself.  Which can make over-indulging chocolate, and working harder attractive, yet counter-productive defaults that only compound things.

What happens for you, when you make a mistake – again – of the same nature?

Opening my mind to another perspective, because it skipped over self-punishment/addictive tendencies, I received the little miracles of two experiences this week. Amazing how so much is in our minds!

Flying to the states a few days ago, I realized I left behind my wallet.  In a semi-panic, I remembered taking out all my US dollars and pounds – along with my US SIM card – and putting it in my passport bag that I took with me.  Whew ok, I could temporarily be without my cards, and had somehow even prepared for forgetting my wallet!

Flash forward a few days to a little family gathering. Repeating the same “mistake” again, I left my purse in the car that my sister then took off in for a few days trip.  Now no card or cash!  Urghh I said to myself, and now the old self-punishment tapes were getting louder. Though I just breathed and stayed relaxed and choose not to grind on old thoughts of worthlessness because I had done it again!   Later that evening, my sister called, and had trouble with her card checking into a hotel. Stressed, embarrased and upset – it became very clear why I had left my bag in the car… she needed the cash!  Another mini-miracle.

It seems perspective is everything, i.e. how we view things, think about ourselves as a result, and therefore respond.  I love the opportunity to remain clear and calm, make different choices, and avoid being reactive and self-harming.

Do you have mistakes in your life right now (or the past), that also carry a miracle of sorts, or teaching?   Opening to this place, clearly we learn more, self-worth grows, and perhaps tendencies towards acting out with food and such naturally get put into place. Amazing what changing our view can do.

Bless your week coming. May any mishaps or mistakes, past or present, give you the opportunity for a miracle.

My love to you,

Dr. Amy

Distracted Or Staying True?

Dearest Reader,

With so much to do in a day, how are we to keep focused on what our heart calls for – or even know what that is?  There are endless distractions that can usurp our focus, distracting us in work, a myriad of chores, other peoples needs, internet wondering, and on it goes.

If I find myself, irritable, impatient, and actually not feeling good about myself as a result – I usually discover I’m not focused enough on following my hearts call (and mission). When I ask myself why, then look at how I’m spending my time, I see how easy I can get caught up in distractions.

On the road now for 3 weeks, we’re in search of a new home, and village we can buy or become a part of.  We’re looking to build a community and school for our work – and other holistic practitioners.  A kind utopia where like minds can join together.

It’s quite a focus, and at the same time, I also have other strong commitments. Our twice a year raw chef/detox Bali retreat is coming up, Teacher Training soon starts, and I’m writing a book and a new program, while maintaining clients online, and classes. I love it… and my heart also pulls me toward singing and performing – hence the next 6 weeks coming up in NYC for training!

I find that the temptation – in fulfilling these many passions of the heart – is to forget to live now. Outside of Presence, cravings can get strong, and I can even forget why I’m doing it.  Over indulging chocolate, caffeine, and such can be a favored way of coping. Meanwhile the body tires, accumulates toxins, and distraction from simply being can lead me into feeling chaos.

What’s the balance for you in staying true to what makes you feel alive, while taking care of responsibilities?

Maintaining basics with myself is what helps me most:
1.  protecting a few hours of morning time as a ritual for self-care
2.  meditation, even if I only have a few minutes
3.  3 liters of water/herbal tea/fresh juice in the morning (no food)
4.  pooing 3 times daily (this really makes me watch what I eat, and reminds me to slow down)
5.  stretching/yoga, even just 15 minute resets me
6.  dog walking
7.  communicating with loved ones and asking for support
9.  setting regular times for what’s important to me, and not letting other things get in the way – committing to it

What does staying true to yourself mean for you? What do you need as basics for your own sense of (inner) stability?  Are you distracted from it?  If so, why?
If there’s anything that keeps us from staying true, we know that’s where our inner work is.  For surely, if we’re crabby, sharp, or not liking self – then there is likely a deeper need for self-care.  The old food and substance crutch that often compensates for not following our heart – can never take the place of what it calls for.

How’s your heart calling you, beyond distractions?

Much Love,


Self-Worth & Success

Dearest Reader,

Do you ever hear the words rumbling in your head – along with a compromised feeling within, that says – “I’m not good enough”?

Working with groups and individuals for years, these 4 words and what they mean to us, seem to be a common denominator that somehow many and most of us believe.

Want to go for your dreams, reach your highest potential, and change the world?  Do you truly believe you can, or does your mind kick in with telling you you’re not good enough?  Or both perhaps?

I relate!  And though identifying that voice within myself, and then seeing how universal it is with people I work with (almost without exception) and loved ones, I learn that this common belief is only true to the degree I believe it.   If I don’t question it, and ultimately face and feel these feeling, I feel powerless, impotent, and my head can drive me crazy hear with all kinds of negative self-talk.   The worst is the self-betrayal of indulging it.  Because in my gut I know what I’m capable of. So maddening.

Where does this low self-worth voice come from?  Did you feel seen, heard, held and supported as a child – consistently? Though many of us had great parents with good intentions, often their own unresolved self-worth issues prevented them from truly showing up for us with consistency. As did their parents, and their parents, and on and on it goes… until someone in the family questions if this “I’m not good enough” story is actually true.

Finding out its only true if we believe it really helps. Do you believe your head when it’s talking shit about you?  Is it true? Or is it old low-self worth tapes playing over and over again like a broken record?

If I choose to belief it (by not questioning it), reinforce it (by dwelling in it), don’t find out what I’m capable of (by self-inquiring) – I just suffer in a pit of self-despair that goes no where.

When I feel myself triggered and about to react and repeat those 4 words unconsciously, here’s what I do my best to do instead:

1.  notice as soon as I feel triggered… if I don’t catch myself – I could very well project it onto someone else, react, and it only escalates.  Then I believe those 4 words when I don’t make a different choice.
2.  watch my mind…. I witness how I may want to blame someone else, feel blamed or wronged, and essentially dwell on feelings of low-self worth, that by the way, feel utterly crushing.
3.  question my feelings… just because I feel it doesn’t make it the only reality available!  Working through the hurt of my little child inside, and what’s true to me/and may need to be addressed with another, helps.  Being quite, still, and neutral I get clear. So I take space and silence first, then respond instead of react (best I can!).
4.  take responsibility… for my own feelings. I know its not about anyone else truly, its about whats being touched inside of me.
5.  inner child inquiry… sitting still with the little girl me inside, I hear her pains and memories of feeling dominated, controlled, and feeling oppressed.  I’m learning to hold her.  Listen, allow, feel. Instead of unconsciously acting out from my inner 6 year old.
6.  Momma my little one… being my own parent, holding the hurt of the little one within, I can take care of her – and ultimately find such comfort in giving myself what I didn’t get as a child… that weaved the cob web of “I’m not good enough.”

From this place, I still hear those 4 “dirty” words at times, and I still feel scared facing what I really want – and going for the success I know I’m capable of… though now I’m going for it without “manning up”, going into overdrive and burning out, proofing, etc.

Now its up to me whether I live a life of true healthy self-worth and success, rather than a story that unconsciously commits me to that old not good enough stuff.

Holding the inner little one, not only takes care of me on a core level, though matures me to experience healthier relationships – and shows me I can do anything really.  It heals low self-worth stuff, and prepares me to have absolutely no excuse to live in success, abundance, and purpose.  It unhitches what puts my dreams on hold.

May we question where our true self-worth comes from, and go for it fully… keeping in mind the old saying “whether you think you can or can’t – you’re right.”

My love to you.

Dr. Amy