Hair Loss Q&A


Q:  I been experiencing a serious hair loss in the last 3 or 4 weeks and I’m very concerned and worried about this situation.
I wanted to ask you if there is anything I can do to stop this situation or improve it.

A:  Hair loss typically has to do with stress, hormonal changes, and/or a lack
of circulation going to the scalp.  How’s your menstrual cycle?
What I suggest is deep relaxation really… really taking off any pressure on yourself,
and letting go, letting go.
Massaging your scalp throughout the day may also be helpful.. and being sure to take
in plenty of greens, green juice and good water each day – not exactly things that are easily in India really. Mainly, I suggest looking into your internal stress level, and allowing yourself to be very still inside, and/or seek support so you can let go, if that’s difficult.
Happy New Year to you!!!
Much Love!

Holiday Stress? 5 Tips


Do Holidays Stress You & Your Body?

 5 Quick Tips To
Maintain Your Stability & Sanity This Season:

Only do what you truly want to do – avoid attempting to please others.

Instead of playing now, and paying later, choose how you want to feel.
Let this be your healthy self-protection boundary.

BOS – Breathe, Observe, Surrender.
Breathe instead of react.  Accept what is. Let go of attempting to change others. Take short breaks often.

Come back to you, and what need.  Saying yes to you, may mean no to others.

Even if you feel caught up in it all, make a clean out/detox plan that realistic for you. Set your dates and protect them.  No matter what else, drink at least 3 liters of water daily.

Completion Cycles & Why I’m Hurting w/Cooked Food


Hello Fellow Soul Seeker,

Coming to the end of 2018, how have you’ve shifted and grown?  

I’m curious what you’re completing at the close of the year, and what beckons your heart entering 2019?  Lured by longing, a restless spirit, or the desire to capture your glory – surely by identifying completion cycles – (what’s ending and beginning, dying and birthing)…. old weeds are pulled, and new seeds are sown.  What do you want to grow?

I write you in the air, on the way back to Europe after an epic 7 weeks on Bali.  It’s been soul stirring, mountain moving, and life-changing.  Many little to big things have come full circle, in what feels like tying up loose ends I didn’t even realize where hanging.  It’s offering me the opportunity to relate from a softer, more peaceful place…. reclaiming self-love, releasing anxiety I wasn’t aware of, while refreshing and enlivening me. 

One of the biggest completion cycles for me is with self-care, health, and my relationship with food, rebellion, and resistance. Relate to that?

As many of you know – after being 100% on raw food for 9 years and serious detoxing – my mind became quite rebellious – and it no longer felt natural.  Though always vegan, low glycemic, and properly food combined, the affects of about 20% cooked food in my diet in these past 5 years, has had many pro’s and cons.  Are you considering upgrading your diet and lifestyle?  Here’s some things I had forgotten, and needed to relearn:


-hands down, number 1…. feeling more socially integrated, and a part of the world.

-easier to find food options traveling, and on the go.

-feeling like I “fit in” in some circles.

-sharing with my husband (not that he needs that, this was my own thing).

-more easy going, and flexible.

-understanding others. It’s been super helpful and humbling to remember how challenging it can be to honor what we truly do want, though don’t always do.

-enjoying certain flavors and textures.

-a kind of freedom that comes with not having restrictions.

-a comfort and soothing of sorts.


-stopped pooing 3 times daily, constipation crept in, leading to bloating and digestive difficulties.

-gained 15 pounds, especially with peri-menopause hormonal changes.  This has been especially strange as I’ve never been “fat” in my life. I kind of liked it, though after some years of it, I want my lean body back, it just feels better.

-belly feeling backed up, sluggish circulation, and kidneys accumulating (lower back tension).

-too full, even though I wasn’t overeating.

-cellulite!  Wow, that’s really been an eye-opener. Never ever before had I experienced that.

-health started declining, needing more sleep, and more heavy in my body (and therefore mind).

-addicted to it, even though my body was rejecting it, not wanting to let go.

-drying me out.  Dehydration – even though I’ve consistently maintained drinking of few liters of green juice and water each day.

-I could feel it aging me… my eyesight dimmed, and overall vitality dropped. My skin and hair also lost sheen.  

-probably the most challenging of all has been the gas.  Cooked food, even though properly combined, has given me SOOOO much gas. It teaches me much though.  I learn how clogging it is, why I wasn’t losing weight, and why my health was declining… it comes down so much to the gas. It creates blocks, and plugs digestion.

Today is day 17 on juice.  My system is rebooting and showing me what’s naturally completing in my psyche and soul. Such a relief.  Self-fighting is at peace, and its now easy to honor what my body truly wants.  Fasting is completely effortless at this point – getting started is typically the hardest part.   So much gas is eliminating, I don’t want to interfere with the process, its easy to continue. I love it.  I’ve lost at least 7-8 pounds, my mind is clearing with each day, I only need 6 hours of sleep nightly, I’m more sensitive, and like my body much better – plus I have more energy and clarity.  Not to mention how it’s turning back the hands of time. I feel my true self again.  The cellulite is also going.  Oh, and it took 15 days, though the deep aching in my hip joint has stopped, and all the other little aches and pains are gone.

The messages of my body are clear. And I also know from experience to not make proclamations about the future – I learn instead to be present, and humble to the experience.  

I’ll likely continue to at least 30 days.  I’m so inspired, its given me the idea to offer a 30 Day New Years Total Reset Cleanse.  Who’s in?!!!  Yes, you can go for just a few days as well, and it doesn’t have to be only on juice. 

Are you completing a cycle with your health and well-being?  What do you want in the New Year?  Reboot to get started. Send me a message with where you’re at and what you want for your health and well-being, and I’ll offer you a suggestion for a doable plan. Lets get you started – just reach out.

Much Love,

Dr. Amy

Busy? 10 Tips For Taking Care of Yourself – No Matter What…

Busy?  10 Tips For Taking Care of Yourself – No Matter What…

1.  Observe your thoughts…  are they helping or hindering you?

2.  Drink at least 3 liters of filtered water daily.

3.  Plan what you’re going to eat beforehand.

4.  On the move, make it an exercise – instead of laborious, get into it!

5.  Keep on eye on the bigger picture of what you really want.

6.  Breathe, even when moving fast – are you breathing?

7.  Ask for a hug at least once every day.

8.  Tune in to yourself often, even in a meeting.

9.  Steal a few moments first thing in the morning to move and meditate.

10. Duck out for short breaks throughout the day, and check in with yourself to avoid



Is Your Heart Open?


Hello Dear Hearts,

Have you experienced what it feels like to been seen as soul, acknowledged for the depths of who you are, and how your uniqueness?  Working intuitively with individuals, and now groups – my heart melts to be given the honor and permission – to experience “strangers” on this level. It’s instant intimacy. It proves our vulnerability is our greatest strength.  And to be real our greatest asset.  It also shows being seen for who we really are can be safe.

“Tapping into” and listening to the messages each person’s system is revealing in these sessions, a bigger picture forms, showing the message for one, is also the message for all.

I never know what will come about.  Today’s theme turned out to be – “how do I know if my heart is open?”  In response, the question I offered was – “What about that succulent, sweet, and tender place inside of you that longs for intimacy, attention, and care?  It it nurtured by you?  Is it heard and held by you?”

“What does that mean?” one of the participants asked.  “And how do I do that?”

I asked her and all the participants to tune into the center of their chest.  Listening to their heart, some said that didn’t notice much, others felt tension, and yet another felt “content.”

As each person went deeper, something else began to happen.  Being acknowledged for who we are, rather than what we look like, how much money we make or don’t, etc…. has a way of connecting us like nothing else.

Maybe we know our heart is open to the degree of intimacy we consistently experience. And perhaps our greatest pain is when that is connection is cut off, derailed, or otherwise distorted.

Is your heart open?  Do you trust its safe to be as tender as you likely are?  May we take the risk to find out what else is possible, when we explore – and implore – our heart to open.

If not to love, what else is life really for?  Surely an open heart is key.

Love & Support,


Do You Have Parasites?


Happy Fall Season!

As the coolness of autumn falls upon the western hemisphere, and summer slips away – how are you handling life’s one constant?
Change… the one thing that remains the same.

I write you on board a flight from NYC to Rome. It’s been an amazing, beautiful, and challenging 7 weeks stateside, in my homeland.  Change is welcome as I journey on to life’s next call.  On this long flight I’m thinking about some of the more dense lessons of this past period.

One of the things that comes is that I’m super thankful to write the story and script of life according to who I am now, rather than from pain filters of the past. A little critter showed up recently, and showed me why I needed to do this.

Recently I was diagnosed with Giardia by the worlds leading expert on parasites.  I refuse to take the pharmaceuticals prescribed at $1,800, for 10 days.  What a joke.

Outraged, I’m also happy about it.  It’s prompted me to dig deeper for a truly natural cure.  I’ve tested many over the years with clients, without affective results.  It’s quite a quandary given these factors, and especially because not everyone can make it to New York City to see Dr. Cahill.

Btw – in case you don’t know already, Dr. Cahill says stool tests are 70% inaccurate. So if you’re itchy (anywhere – and in the bum), have rashes or skin problems, bloating, loose stools, achey, have sleep disturbances, tired, or chronically sick –  you may have parasites.  For women, they may be extra aggravating during peri-menopausal/menopause years (40-55).  Traditional stool tests often don’t find them.  It’s known parasites are MOST ALWAYS the root cause of MOST ALL illnesses, and what ails us.
I’ve been hearing about parasite cleansing with turpentine and castor oil for years.  Researching it on Youtube, Dr. Jennifer Daniels and SunFoodDan inspired me to give it a go.  It’s been 2 weeks now, and my system is definitely cleaning up.  I can tell because symptoms are disappearing. The jury is still out if it’s gotten rid of my new friends.  Friends?  Yes, they have a message for me – for us. Think it’s only a physical issue?  Not in my personal experience, or working with thousands of people over the years.   Facing “them” is helping me to be proactive with boundaries, and face what’s going on inside of me – rather than refusing emotions that were at one time (in childhood), not safe to feel.
Back to the turpentine.  I know what you’re thinking – so did I at first. “You mean – turpentine – like, paint thinner?”  Yes, though this is the food grade kind – it’s 100% Pure Gum Spirits.  Be sure to get this only.  I bought it off Amazon.  And organic castor oil in a glass bottle (not plastic).  It doesn’t taste bad, and it’s actually quite easy to take – just before bed is my preferred way – to sleep off symptoms.  So far its been quite gentle (though at the same time – strong). I can still eat, work, and live normally.  You would just need to start out on a low dosage till you find your threshold.  One more thing, it may release inflammation and arthritic symptoms… so don’t be surprised if you feel achey in your joints – and it gets worse before better.  This is how natural healing most often works.  Just go slower so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Also, be sure to get your blood and bowels moving:

-colonics, and/or do enemas (preferably daily)

-hot epsom salt baths



-breathing exercises


-stay super hydrated, minimum 3 liters daily of good water, herbal tea, and fresh juice

It’s very important to get the poop out (it will be full of toxic die off), blood flowing, and your oxygen uptake increasing – so you don’t feel too crappy.  Eliminating from your bowels, and pores each day with the above, you’ll likely feel much better.   I don’t recommend doing this cleanse without the above helpers.  What if you or your loved one just won’t do colonics or enemas?  Be sure to take the turpentine with castor oil, and that you poo 3 times daily.  Then reconsider, as water irrigation will help more than words can express, and you won’t believe how much is in there, clogging up the release of critters.
Is turpentine safe?  Yes, so long at it’s 100% Pure Gum Spirits (food grade), and not the chemical type, and its taken correctly.  Turpentine is an old granny cure.  And it’s natural, made from pine. .

Does everyone have parasites?  Perhaps.  Really, everyone?  Over the 16 years I’ve been sending people to Dr. Cahill, only 1 in 20 tests negative.  It doesn’t mean they are all destructive or to be rid of…. though it very well might mean that.
Could critters be at the core of what ails us for almost everything?  Could they be the cause of aches, pains, arthritis, headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, and in general feeling bad?  Absolutely.  Most important is to investigate, and find out for yourself.  Some people aren’t symptomatic. Though that doesn’t mean these pesky messengers aren’t wreaking havoc on your health.  Often lying dormant, they tend to get activated by an acidic internal environment, when stressed, under pressure, through hormonal changes, and intense emotional experiences.
Best practice?

1.  Do due diligence and get informed.

2.  Don’t ignore it or brush it aside, as they only grow – not lessen – gone untreated.

3.  Get proper testing/treatment,

Feeling paranoid? Don’t let that bug you (hahaha), just get proactive.  Now is the time.

And remember, they aren’t just in 3rd world countries, they are everywhere.  Most of us are full of parasitical messages we haven’t received. The could news is they can be acknowledged and acted upon that helps us get, yes – get the message.

Let me know how your investigation and journey goes.  Also check out our Facebook Parasite Info & Support page, and share your experience. It’s very helpful for those seeking solutions.

Love & Support,

Like to learn more, and do a guided turpentine cleanse?  Come to Bali!  Next month at the end of October, we will do a 5 day detox in paradise, and create an internal terrain that isn’t so cozy and conducive for critters. 10 Day Raw Food, Detox, & Teacher Training Retreat, Bali – Oct. 28-Nov. 16

Still Have IT Going On?


Dearest Reader,

Good day –  from New York City.

The slight hint of fall is in the air, a relief after the sweltering month of August – I actually love it.

As I was walking down the street this morning – in summer shorts and tank – a very bright homeless man in a wheel chair, in true NY street style said:  “you still got it goin’ on sister.”

I chuckled inside at that very NY moment… there’s a rawness and realness here that’s unique to this city. It’s at the core of why I love it. Dirty, loud, big – and real.  In my mind, it was less a commentary of me, my person, age, how I look, etc., and more an appreciation of our shared humanity.  When a potent truth is spoken, it has a way of touching us – no matter who it comes from.  It transcends cleanliness, having a home or not, and even one’s degree of sanity. Truth…. the great equalizer that connects our humanity.   Like it or not, solicited – or not – spoken truths serve as a snapshot into our interconnectedness;  also our lack of it, and need for it.

Then of course my ego chimed in, and I laughed at how the mind just loves to seek validation, in almost anyone or anything… and could miss the deeper meaning, blocked by “am I good enough” chatter.  Though in that moment, the most valuable thing was the connection of our joint humanity, and how his truth touched me… beyond any division we may otherwise perceive.  It also reminded me how the carving of age can serve as a catalyst to explore one’s depth, or it can be a bitter knife than never penetrates the hard surface… leaving one disconnected.

It also made me question his seemingly simple words…. and how we find (self) value.  What’s it mean for you…. “you still got it going on sister (or brother)?”  What’s your source of value, no matter the outer worlds opinion or view?  And what is that “it” factor that allows us to – still have it going on – no matter age, (changing) looks, money, etc?  Surely it’s an expression of one’s truth.

And even in times when we question our own value, truth – we feel restless – want things to move more, or we’re confused on where life is going – how very reassuring that we can always come home within, take care of body, and even challenge ourselves to get curious about our own truth within…. and its expression.

As summer fades to fall, what are you leaving behind – and taking with you as a resource to nourish and tap your expressive truth?  Does wisdom well call you deeper to drink of her truths?  Perhaps this nourishment is what it means to – still have it going on.

My love to you,