Amy-RachelleAmy Rachelle was born and raised in the rural southern states. She grew up in the backwoods of Arkansas with her gypsy, pioneer mother picking wild mushrooms, watercress from the creek, and “polk salad” from open fields. Waking up at dawn to her mother practicing yoga, Amy was introduced to healing and holistic living from an early age – her mother was her first teacher. She became known as “magic fingers” by her much older siblings and always enjoyed giving healing to her friends and family.

Amy attended the University of Georgia in Athens and Georgia State in Atlanta. In 1987, she moved to New York City, on her own with $100 and a pocket full of dreams.

After many years of city life, she rediscovered her connection to nature and healing from living on a boat without electricity and indoor plumbing for two years, traveling extensively, and life experiences of living among native people. She became aware of her gift for vision and massage when she took over a pregnant woman’s practice in Lake Attila, Guatemala. She has been developing her intuitive abilities and healing skills for over 20 years with clients that range from everyday people, to artists, to celebrities, to business executives, to other healing practitioners.

Amy has been developing her personal practices of diet, meditation, cleansing, and yoga since 1990 – her spiritual evolution grew exponentially when she became a vegetarian at that time. She’s been on the raw path since ’96 and lives a lifestyle of daily practices that she considers to be a foundation for freedom. It’s her intention to share these practices through her work – and life – with those seeking self discovery and purpose on the planet. Amy’s personal journey of self-healing, and witnessing many other people heal, discovering Vipassana (a 10 day silent meditation – dhamma.org), years of internal cleansing, raw foods, and practicing Ashtanga yoga have created a basis from which Amy passionately learns and teaches from.

Amy has produced holistic events, programs, and classes in New York City, the US, Amsterdam, Europe, and Bali for many years. She’s had her own practice as a holistic health practitioner since she began in 1990.

Intertwined as part of Amys healing work and practices, she is a lyricist/singer – she writes songs that are a combination of trip/hop, funk, and soul that have a world beat flavor. Writing and performing her music brings Amy ultimate joy and fulfillment. She has performed across the U.S., Canada, and Europe for years and is currently working on new material.

Amy is based on Manhattans lower east side, and she keeps her main residence in Bali. She is currently seeing clients, teaching classes, studying piano, practicing the practices, and preparing to record her upcoming new CD.

Amy’s work bio:

Based in New York City and Bali, Indonesia –  Amy Rachelle created Pure Raw in 2005. Coaching individuals and groups on the Pure Raw approach to rawfoods (candida free vegan rawfood, proper food combining, low glycemic, little nut use, emotional work) – her work is a successful formula based on sunfood nutrition, internal cleansing, developing healthy habits, therapeutic emotional processing, meditation, and yoga. Amy has worked in the U.S. and abroad for the past 10 years guiding thousands of people through her sequential raw food, cleansing, and life transformation programs. In her work she’s witnessed the transformation of issues related to weight, skin imbalances, acne, colitis, constipation, digestive difficulities, bloating, headaches, depression, mental instability, fatigue, candida, aging, emotional disturbances, insomnia, purposelessness, and more. With Amy at the helm and supported by her hand picked personally trained teachers, Pure Raw offers beginner to advanced body, mind, and spirit purification programs and education for personal growth and physical/emotional healing.

Amy began her holistic studies as a child with her mother as her first teacher. She received formal education from The University of Georgia and completed her naturopathic doctor degree with Trinity College in the U.S.