What Feeds Your Soul?/Ask Dr. Amy/Tarot Temple


Hello Dear Lovelies,

Are you in need of a personal message?

In our last Sunday session on Tarot Temple, I listened to the inner world of each persons’ body and soul, bringing personal messages for health, home, life direction, livelihood – and more.

Physical – emotional to spiritual – each individuals guidance, was also for the group. Unique and personalized, souls were seen, tears were shed, messages received, and hearts opened.

d262076a-c96f-49c3-9c25-48442a4013b8Each Sunday has it’s own theme.  The last one was ‘nurture’. A sense of nourishment interweaved the sharings to offer a deeper understanding of the word, reminding us it comes in many forms:  in the richness of relationships, the need for intimacy, and what can transpire when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable (seen really – and in this context – in a group reading).

How are you nurturing yourself? Nourishment is a need we all have.  What do you need to feel well cared for… first from yourself, and in your life?  What does nourishment mean for you?

Here’s a few suggestions for self-nurturing:

  1. Receive your own wisdom. Sit with yourself daily even for just 5 minutes, and listen to your body.
  2. Trust yourself, welcome all your feelings.
  3. Act on your inner guidance – this is how it strengthens.

Home, rest, money, or a mate – may we hear our inner voice, heed it, and follow its call for freedom, love, and beauty… and how it uniquely speaks to you.



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