Is Your Comfort Zone Killing You?

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Hello Beloved Reader – whether you know it or not, you are be-loved by me!!!  Why?  Well why not?

This afternoon, our group tarot card reading interweaved a powerful scenario that I’m sure applies to your life as well.

Do you ever feel like there is a scream inside of you that isn’t being heard…. or expressed… by you?  This is what our first “tarot card” participant felt.  (We don’t actually use cards, its me doing the reading, with each participant acting as a “card”.)  What appeared as her cocoon of comfort, was also suffocating – instead of liberating her.  The comfort zone could also be her killer – the death of her growth, liberty, and self-dignity.  Are you being asked to step out and take a risk on what truly calls you?  Is it time?

Our next card – the chariot.  With his hands on the reigns, his image showed what’s possible when we have the discipline to guide that potent force into our greatest empowerment… and also the burden that can occur when we don’t take care of this momentum, and instead get caught up in other peoples needs around us. We learned that it takes discipline to protect the self time and space we need to regenerate, and not flatten all our energy in “supporting” others. Big one!!!

Finally, we learned to let go of thinking so much and being in the head – as we know we must do something different to get different results.  Overthinking = Disconnection from Self.  The playfulness and innocence of the child emerged to show us to BE HERE NOW – trust yourself and life. To let go of control (thinking thinking), and surrender to the unknown, what genuiely excites us, and have faith that through taking care of ourselves, our chariot will move forward – no force needed.  Just take a risk, and break out.

So may we let go, come home to self-time and care – and protect that space – while allowing our frustrations, helplessness, and fears to be held in that something Greater… that liberates, instead of suffocates.  What direction do you choose?  Listening to our body – and ultimately hearing the needs and direction of our soul – may very well take us farther, than force.  May we give death to our comfort zone to find out what else is possible.


Join us next Sunday and be read, or be a part of the reading.

My love to you!!!



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