My mum and Asthma

15034560_323559498016495_8350546029887619072_nQ : I have been really concerned about my mum’s conditions. She’s had asthma for years, the triggers are usually change of weather and stress. Lately it’s become worse and worse, and I’m worried because she’s on her own. She also takes asthma medicine (that I think causes her mood swings) Is there anything natural she could take that you suggest?

A:  Asthma is a particular one… in that – as you may have experienced – a person who has difficulty breathing is often prone to panic attacks and anxiety.  My feeling is that this is at the core of Asthma – long term stress and anxiety… this combined with lung congestion, dust/pollen and food allergies – a person often lives in fear of panic.

On an emotional level, I feel this also has to do with deep seated sadness, often disappointment, and even regret and holding onto heaviness from the past.
Clearing this condition – in a natural way, beyond drugs – is something a person would really need to want.  Facing these old emotions is key, as is eating a lighter diet that excludes fat, fried food, sugar, and caffeine.  Avoiding dairy is crucial as it also contributes to inflammation – like the other food mentioned.  Decreasing inflammation and lung congestion is of greatest importance.  This, along  with fasting, would GREATLY help.
Some places to get started, as she begins to work on her diet and cleansing process:
-face steaming… boil a pot of water, add a few drops of peppermint oil, have her sit down, and put a towel over her head.  Breath it in deeply. She may cough, and feel overwhelmed.  Help her to remain calm, and remind her she is safe.  Have a trash can close, and as she will need to spit out phlegm.  Do this at least 3 times per week.
-help her to breathe.  Developing a regular breathing practice can help – so that a person remembers to breathe, in a regular fashion, especially when they may otherwise panic.
-meditation… calming the mind, and learning to observe anxiety, instead of reacting to it is the biggest gift for an asthma sufferer.
Bless your Mom… its a great opportunity to truly let go, trust life, and start fresh again.  It’s a gift waiting to be had, by facing what reinforces trauma – which is the number cause of asthma in essence.
Love to you, and your mother…

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