Teeth and Raw Food

Hoi Amy,

I feel my teeth are decaying fast since I started raw food. They have become porous and combined with jaw gnashing / clamping of my teeth they wear out faster. Also I feel they’ve turned more yellow.

I eat leafy greens, green apples, carrots, celery, almonds. Lemon and physalis juice I drink through a straw.
Also I started using fluoride toothpaste which does help.

I understand animal products (meat, cheese, yogurt) and chicken broth can help. So I thinking of changing my diet.

Do you have any insights on this?




Hi F,

Always good to hear from you…
You’ve been all raw for about 7 now, right?  I know about the first 4, how about in the last 3, have you done any fasting? If so, how much?
Good to keep in mind that teeth are bones – so they show us how our bones are doing.  It’s very common on the raw path, the more long term people go…Can often have teeth issues. My experience is… this is because they haven’t done enough fasting to eliminate to the degree they are loosening waste. Make sense?
My teeth get very white when I fast, and am more clean, and the opposite when my system is accumulating.  When that’s happening, I know I need to fast.  Once the storage of tissue overloads, the bones will take on waste that isn’t getting out of the system to the same ratio its been released.
Animal products can help in some ways, sure… though the storage they can create, and lack of nutrition personally concerns me.
In my experience this is a matter of deeper cleaning.
The only way to really know for yourself of course is through experimenting!
Blessing with it!
Love to you.

1 thought on “Teeth and Raw Food

  1. Michael

    Maybe eat more wakame and hiziki sea vegetables for calcium? Any history with mercury fillings? Out of season tropical fruit sugar overload?
    Vitamin D and E deficiency?
    Nervous imbalance, hyper-tension can interfere with laying down good calcium tissue, as can lack of sufficient aerobic exercise. Practicing calming the mind can help with the former.
    Hope you find the relief you seek!


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