Preparing For Your Retreat

Hello Dear Students!

We will soon all be together, in the dynamic inspirational flow and learning of raw foods and detox.  This is absolutely one of my favorite topics ever, I love “teaching” this info, and I love you (yes, even though we may not know each other yet).  I’m super excited about coming together, and sharing with you from all over the world!

I’d like to offer some suggestions for preparing for your retreat so you can get the most out of it.  Now I know some of you may just “wing it” and not take any of these suggestions – don’t stress, that’s ok too.  There’s not right or wrong way to come on retreat with us. The fact that you show up is huge!  So please take these suggestions as just that – suggestions.  It’s certainly not required, and its completely up to you what you do with it.  I know some of you are super ready for action!  So, here we go:

-feel good about your choices, even if you wish better for yourself, before – during – and after the retreat.  Self-love and acceptance is our ultimate lesson, above raw foods and detox!

-right now, sitting where you are, ask your self:  “what would I love to do for preparing for the retreat?”  “what brings me joy and a big smile?”  This is your ultimate guidance.  Go with this and your joy – the rest will take care of itself.

-feeling any pressure, to “get it right”, “do it well”, or anything that makes you justify the time and money you’re spending on coming?  Well, throw that out the window – perfectionism is a big head trip that no one can live up to, and usually only creates self-punishment and sabotage.  So, let go, focus more on your greatest state of self-excellence and self-love, and free yourself of a very uncomfortable, limited, and stifling box (that’s not you anyway).  Ok?

-now that we have the mindset of all this taken care of (that always comes first!), let’s talk about some practical things you can do, if you so choose…

*let go of meat, dairy, sugar, wheat, caffeine, processed/packaged foods, heavy cooked foods, and anything else you feel may be harming your body, soul, and mind

*drink at least 3 liters of alkaline water every day

*drink 1-3 liters of organic green juice daily

*eat a big dark leafy green salad each day with all the veggies in it you love

*properly food combine – in essence, eat fruit first, wait half hour and eat veggies – never mix them

*fast one day per week

*sauna/steam/massage once per week

*consider a 3-5 day juice fast. Ask Dr. Amy for your retreat manual with directions if you need help, or would like to get started reading before the retreat.

*get some exercise each day – breath!!!

*lighten stress with meditation.  Ask Dr. Amy for a recording of BOS meditation tool No. 1 – if you’d like guidance.

*Let go of all expectations, open yourself to the magic of what’s possible for you through receiving.  This means receiving “yes” to whatever your experience may be – beyond what you think you may want to get out of it!

I’ve seen students get anxious before they come, freak out a bit, and eat/live even more unhealthy than usual before a retreat… and I’ve seen students super excel knowing they’re coming. Ever one is different, has their own story they are coming from, and everyone is ultimately coming for the same thing – support, inspiration, and learning.  Whatever you come with – know all of you is welcome. You’re cared for, you are loved, and there’s no extra points for “healthy choices” and you’re not condemned for “unhealthy” ones.  Whatever you choices, may you learn lots!

Give yourself loads of thanks for taking that plane, train or boat that brings you to Bali! Showing up is a huge part of getting what you want and need in life.  Congratulations.

Much Love & Support!

Dr. Amy

1 thought on “Preparing For Your Retreat

  1. Ashley

    Thank you for this. I am so eager to learn and grow with everyone. And beyond blessed to be able to attend this retreat. Very eager and just a tad anxious, as this will be my first time traveling abroad. I am going to go ahead and say, it will not be the last but the first of many adventures!
    See you soon!


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