FAQ’s, Nov. 5-16 Training

10 Day Raw Food Chef Certification & Detox Training, Bali, Nov. 5-16
Hi Amy, i would like to inquire about the holistic and detox online coach program now with the option to join the 10-day Bali retreat. Did you mean that usd2490 includes joining the Bali retreat already?
>yes, the online program and 10 day retreat come together when you purchase the online program.

Is this course ideal for raw vegan chefs like me?
>absolutely. It’s a raw food chef certification program with long-time raw chef Jillian Love from California, and myself teaching theory and much more. Following is our 5 day detox training. As a raw food chef, the next evolution is usually detox, so to learn recipes, how to detox, and why – in a very unique and specialized way, is to advance yourself educationally in a big way. It’s taken 25 years of personal experience – and many years of teaching – to deliver the information I hold… it’s my goal others can benefit from this in a much shorter time to expand your knowledge with, and help others.

When will be your next retreat for this year and next year?
>Nov. 5 – 16 in Bali is the only training we’re offering this year…. and this is the last actual raw food chef certification we will offer. Next year we will hold two retreats, in the spring and fall (likely March and November). Next year our trainings will include raw food preparation classes, though will be focused more on our online Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach courses…. for someone like yourself who’s already a raw chef, I suggest coming to the intensive this November, it will give you the most challenge and knowledge base to learn from.

How will the online classes go, will we be scheduling a skype session per day or you’ll just give me handouts to read and study?
>you mean for our online programs, yes? The program is self-guided from our website. It takes you through the course with worksheets, book studies, and quizzes (your study 6 different books that you order from Amazon)… all the work is online, there are no live classes – that’s why the 10 day Bali retreat is included – this is where we do our live work together.

Can you send me the schedule for online class so i could check if it suits me? I will be a certified coach in 6months right-whats your basis for this?
>again, I teach in a unique way that’s based on 25+ experience… I feel confident our training will give you even more of a foundation to work from as a coach. Though we love beginners, training students who are teachers already, or want to become teachers is our speciality!

Also,do you have an installment payment plan option? Is usd 2490 the last price?
>yes, the price is set – it will be going up in the coming months, so I suggest taking advantage of it at this price. We don’t typically offer payment plans. Though I can offer you to make two payments, 1 now, and 1 before you come on retreat. You wouldn’t receive your login info until the program is paid in full.

About intern program, i would like to ask about the schedule. What will we be doing 7 days before training and 2 days after? If you could send me the schedule outline that would be great.
>there isn’t a set outline for this training. Students in this program work hands-on, in action with a day to day plan that arises according to the needs of serving the retreat…. this happens as we go – interactively, not pre-set, it’s work in action. The point of this training is to teach you how to teach your own retreats. You work as if you’re the teacher (in training of course with my guidance).

When will i start if i choose to do the intern program?
>you would need to first do an interview with me on Skype so we can determine if it’s right for us both… then I will make a decision and let you know. I will only take a few students in this program, and we already have it filling, so we’d need to talk together first. Once approved, you’d need to plan on coming to Bali about a week in advance from Nov. 5th start date, and plan on working lots while you’re there – though you’d also have time to take the program as it’s included. You’d also need to stay after the retreat a few days to finish the retreat work.

Thank You.

So welcome! Thank you!


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