Detox Q & A w/ Dr. Amy Rachelle

Hey Friends!

Here is another series of detox questions received from clients:

How important are the two 14 day cleanses for my tongue healing?

>the healing of your tongue will happen over years, not weeks – though you’ll likely see an improvement right away.  This tell you you’re headed in the healing direction, and when it worsens, it tells you your current habits aren’t heading you towards healing. I suggest being patient with your process, stay steady with healthy habits, and over time it will repair.

Do I need to do the second phase if I don’t have parasites or candida? Would one be enough or not? 

>it’s entirely too soon to assume you don’t have candida or parasites.  Parasites CANNOT be tested through colonics, or proper parasite testing can give you that result, and that’s not easy to find.  Great you’ve gotten started, please continue – it’s a process.

You mention that during each of the phases to consume a min of 2 liters of fluids but ideally 6 liters – 2 in the morning / at midday / pm. Ideally how much of this would you like to be green juice?

>3 liters green juice ideally

The cleanse can be between 1-14 days with 5 days fast in the middle. I think the 5 day cleanse will be the toughest for me as I don’t normally fast or diet. I am wondering if this is the most important part of keep or not?

>what’s most important is that it’s all doable for you. Go at your own pace.  In any other the phases, followed correctly, you’re still cleansing. I suggest going slow, take pressure off yourself, and stay connected to what you’re body is truly calling for, being away of the mind potentially getting in the way.

There were a number of supplements mentioned in your book. I was a little unclear about which ones I need to take during phase 1. Colloidial sliver was one.

>just do the silver for now… I suggest taking about 3 oz per day.

What about digestive enzymes? I assume I take them am/midday/pm. As for the other supplements can you please advise? Do I need to take Bentonite Clay or other things on the list below too?

>take digestive enzymes 10 minutes before eating


Colloidal silver

>anytime, empty belly usually best

Digestive enzymes

>see above

Probiotics – any type?

>take empty belly in am, be sure they are high in the billion of strains, look for ones that also contain L-Salvarus, and L-Planterum

Flax seeds

>don’t recommend them for you right now, wait until you’ve released more congestion… I suggest a colonic per week, at least 2 per month for some time, especially while cleansing.

Oregano oil

>wait for some time, or you will likely detox quite quickly

Grape seed extract?

>same as above

HCL – is this the same as digestive enzymes. I brought some with me from Australia

>take on empty belly, follow label instructions

Anything else?

>Consistency and avoiding extremes in eating is most important, and being sure your choices are coming from self love and care, rather than ideas or self pressure.

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