The Road of Receiving: 7 Tips for Getting What You Want

The Road of Receiving
7 Tips for Getting What You Want

Heading into the fall season in the west, and summer in the east, I’m writing you on a plane that’s about to land back home in Bali, after 5 months of constant travel.  As I’ve journeyed, the different seasons, cities, climates, and terrains bring to mind the continuous cycle of life and death that’s constantly shedding – and simultaneously recreating itself.

Staying in balance and harmony with this natural force within myself, probably like you, I’m constantly challenged to truly take care of myself, and therefore self-reinvent – especially when I’m constantly on the go, and I realize the need to allow time and space to integrate (to receive) all the changes taking place.  I ask myself, “Am I really taking it all in, instead of racing to the next car, train, or plane?

Most important, beyond objectives, plans, and desires, are we truly receiving each moment, all we experience – no matter the contour or color – right now?  Many of us pray for health, abundance, love, etc., though do we actually receive it – as if basking in the sunrays? If only we soaked in all that we work so hard for, longed in anguish over, and hoped for with intensity.

Here’s 7 tips – a writing exercise if you choose – in opening the doors wide for receiving your heart’s call, love, and life in general.

  1. Check Your Inner Awareness Barometer – Take A Self-Reading.                                          
  • “Am I fully present within myself – to my heart?”
  • “Am I receiving the deeper calls of my heart?  What are they?”

      2.  Find Out What You Need

  • “What deeper need is being fulfilled beneath my hearts call?”
  • “What do I need to stay in continuous touch with it and what does this look like?”
  1. Reinvent: Your Self-Vision
  • What are the habits of receiving and reinvention, based on your true hearts calling?
  • Day to day, how do you feel living the habits that allow you to truly receive your hearts call, life, and others?
  1. Account for Challenges
  • How are you challenged in developing new habits that allow you to receive?
  • A support system helps hold you accountable for receiving your hearts call, love from others, opportunities, etc.  What is yours?
  1. Receiving Opportunities
  • Is receiving a key component in getting what you want?
  • What are the potential opportunities that exist for you by truly and fully receiving what life is offering you?
  1. Plan of Action
  • Suggestion:  create a map, or a vision board, depicting your vision for receiving.   Meditate on it daily.  Note:  Prayer is the act of asking, and meditation is the act of receiving.
  • Outline how you’re inspired to start.  Example:  receiving a smile from a stranger, taking time instead of doing more, allowing others to help you.
  1. Activation
  • Act on the messages, and therefore direction you receive.  Acting on how you are guided from within strengthens and completes the circuit.  You know the expression, “use it or lose it.”J
  • Keep reinforcing habits that position you to receive – allowing you to build, rather than expend energy and resources.


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