Pure Raw Philosophy and Approach


Pure Raw Philosophy and Approach

• We encourage 5 practices that help keep us on track as a lifestyle: Raw Foods, Fasting, Meditation, Yoga/Movement, and Breathwork (with Raw Foods and Fasting being our main study).

• Our recipes and food philosophy are based in: fresh is best, organic, local, properly food combined, low glycemic, and little nut use. Our simple gourmet approach ensures that bloating, constipation, fatigue, mood swings, foggy thinking, digestive problems, etc., are eliminated.

• We feel support is paramount, and we’re dedicated to being available for our student’s needs. We believe that feeling cared for is as important as healthy food and clean water, and that it creates an environment for heightened learning.

• We believe in approaching dietary and lifestyle shifts with ease, and not in extremes to avoid set backs, and to encourage small steps for immediate success, and building upon that.

• We believe that no one approach or person has all the answers or know’s what’s better for you than the intelligence inside of you. Our mission is to support your genius so you can find your own voice for healing and achieving what you really want in life.

• We believe health and personal well-being are determined by being in harmony with oneself and environment – and that imbalances are opportunities for knowing what we want – and achieving it.

• We believe that as the mind yields to the body’s innate intelligence self-healing is not only natural, yet follows the basic science and design of how we work.

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