A Day At Our 10 Day Retreat…


A Day At Our 10 Day Retreat…

Our place is a day retreat.  Students come for a full day, beginning with yoga and meditation in the morning, followed by a group sharing circle that keeps us connected with each other are doing and share what we’re experiencing.  Next our morning raw and detox theory class that gives students a comprehensive understanding of the how’s and whys.  From there we move into our studio kitchen that has tables and appliances set up for students in groups of six to work from, after watching the teacher demonstrate a recipe or technique.  Following we take a break where students can lounge in a hammock or on one of our comfy resting places, sauna, get a massage, go into town, or connect with other fellow students.  To end the day, we either present a expert speaker, or go on an adventure to tour a professional raw kitchen, visit a herb and vegetable garden, or immerse ourselves in local culture at a water purification temple.  All segments of the day are optional so students can pick and choose what they would like to attend.  Our students stay at a near by hotel or house within walking distance.  For more info on accommodations, please see: http://amyrachelle.com/hotel-suggestions-click-here/

Pricing:  $1,650 USD / 1,068 GBP

Like to become a certified Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach?  This 10 day retreat is included in our Coach program – upgrade for:  $1,850 USD / 1,197 GBP (plus food contribution fee $250 USD / 162 GBP

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