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I try to juice a lot (one meal a day, in the evening). But realised that i sometimes eat too much… after having my meal, i will snack (why ? A need for sweet) Sometimes i can’t control myself… make me remember some past pattern. I know that i need to stay focused on myself ahd not the anxiety and stress take over me.

Also, i have been constipated for the last 3 days. I don’t know what to do, as i am juicing a lot (today, i drank 5l). I feel i need to release, to have a colonic. Can i have one, even if i am taking antibiotics ? Otherwise, what can i do ? I take flax seeds every morning and evening, and juice a lot. I am a bit desperate. I don’t feel good…3, almost 4 days of constipation… is it because of the antibiotics side effects?

A :


 About the constipation… yes, the medication is quite dehydrating, so that will affect it, as well stress and the constriction it causes. Best to wait for a colonic till after you finish the antibiotics so you don’t flush its affects out before they are complete.  And overeating will certainly affect your bowels moving, as will eating late, and poor food combining. I suggest fasting for 1-3 days… its ok with the antibiotics, so long as you don’t start to feel nauseated by it, if you do, its an indication that you need to eat with them.  Otherwise, I suggest going on all liquids until you pass out the back up – and you will, you just need to not have more food on top of the old waste.

Love, Amy

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