A Woman’s 7 Step Guide

A Woman’s 7 Step Guide to

Self-Value & Total Health  

through Raw & Detox

with Dr. Amy Rachelle, ND

Dr. Amy’s leads a dynamic discussion on…

Women’s Wisdom & Health

Informative. Inspiring. Interactive. Intimate.

Candidly & Carefully Amy Will Share 7 Steps to Women’s Health through :

  • Ø Love:  keeping your heart open – no matter what
  • Ø Sexuality:  as sacred a learning ground
  • Ø Vulnerability: a woman’s great gift
  • Ø Creating safety: boundaries & self-care
  • Ø Lessons of life:  embracing experiences for expansion
  • Ø Reconciliation: using your power for peace & prosperity
  • Ø Manifesting your dreams: knowing your needs and going for them


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