Retreat Follow Up Support


Hello Hello!

How’s it going since you returned home after our time together on retreat?

I’ve been hearing from many of you and continuing to work with some of

you.  From all the input I’ve been hearing, I’m inspired to write you with some suggestions for keeping on track in your daily life, based on our latest discussions:

1. “wow, the retreat was so great – yet now that I’m home I’m having a difficult time making sense of it all”…

This is common and natural.  Coming together with a group of like-minded people who share your enthusiasm for healthy food, health, and being your best is the ultimate environment to nourish the part of you that is transforming, growing, and evolving.  Now that you’re home, here are some of the obstacles I hear many facing:

a.  those around you don’t share your same enthusiasm or goals

b.  your lifestyle isn’t conducive for how you wish to grow, especially with loved ones

c.  you’re missing the nourishment of the group interaction on retreat and how it fed a vital part of you

d.  you’re feeling somewhat scattered because your heart is in one place, and your reality may be in another

e.  you’ve gotten so busy with other life priorities that your enthusiasm for your path may have been put to the back burner

Does any of this sound familiar?  You’re not alone! 

Lets talk about what you can do to support the strides you’ve made

(remember, nothing is lost, its just an opportunity to deepen your commitment to what you really want and look at other areas of your life that may be asking for growth):

-If you find those around you don’t share your same enthusiasm or goals, how about finding TOTAL acceptance and appreciation for those you love – and consider expanding your horizons and open up to sharing with people who do – keeping in mind that, more than likely, not all our needs will be meet with one person.  With loved ones, we often want to share everything with them that we’re excited about, and sometimes they’re excited not only for us, yet for themselves as well in relation to our new suggestions… and sometimes not.  How about loving them unconditionally for all that you do share, and keep appreciating them for the connection you do have, and take good care of that relationship by continuing to appreciate them, and nurture what you share… in other words keep doing what you’re doing because you love it, not because others may or may not share your enthusiasm.  And again, broaden your horizons to include others who are also interested in raw and cleansing and what it brings.  Being an example is usually more powerful than any form of preaching (which may feel like pressure to others). Take any threat away, love, expand, and keep with your passion! Suggestions:  search Facebook for your local raw and detox groups, research your local health store and ask the owner if anyone is doing raw – or if you can offer something you’ve learned there, find out where the raw potlucks are/or host one regularly, find out well in advance if any speakers are coming to your area and offer to volunteer at their event – in other words, reach out and connect, and keep loving and appreciating those close to you for what they can do – not for what they don’t do!

-Are you finding that your lifestyle and choices aren’t in agreement with some friends and family?  This is also – without question – the number one reason many go back to unhealthy ways.  The desire to love and be loved is even more basic and primal than food itself.  So lets be sure to not allow food to be the determining factor if we share or not – or if we open ourselves to a greater degree of intimacy with one another.  Aside from food, without it being involved, what is your true desire for intimacy with those you care about?  Suggestion:  go directly for that intimacy without food being a buffer, reason to gather, or otherwise a potential wedge between you and loving another. Take food out of the equation – and just share.  Otherwise when food is the center of a gathering, take something you’d love to share, that’s a real crowd please, or offer to make food for others.  When it comes down to it – and truly sharing from the heart is your main intention, its often best to keep food out of the picture, at least until you feel more stable in your choices, and not potentially rocked and drawn into other peoples choices out of a longing to share.  Sharing without food and substance = nothing in the way of hearts connecting.  On a practical note for honoring what you really want:  have you set your kitchen up yet?  Organizing it and getting set up with what you need will greatly help (think getting rid of old stuff, staples you need on hand, ordering produce twice weekly, acquiring appliances).  Also, have you explained your choices with your friends and family and asked for support?  This will help others to feel a part of your process and less threatened by your changes… including others – by expressing your feeling and needs (and listening to theirs) supports everyone.  Remember, get in touch with what you feel, to know your need behind it – make a request based on those feelings and needs to your loved ones.

-Are you missing the nourishment of the group interaction on retreat and how it fed a vital part of you?  How wonderful to discover this and the importance of connecting with others… here again, we find out its not about the food, its more about our longing to connect with others who share our interests… and most importantly, the part of us that is being nurtured.  So what part of you was brought to life and inspired by connecting with others during the retreat?  Suggestion:  write that question down and answer it in detail.  Herein lies a very crucial need you have identified (that probably won’t go away and may cause destructive behavior if not acknowledged – such as craving, overeating, negative relating, etc).  Next question:  how are you inspired to reach out and continue to connect with others to fulfill this need (think in terms of going to yoga class, meet-up groups, classes of your interests, making new friends from our retreat, etc)?  What’s required from you to be proactive about your need, rather than ignoring it and falling into depressive or destructive feelings/behaviors?

-Some have expressed that their heart is in one place, yet their reality doesn’t line up with it.  This too is quite common on the path of self-transformation… yes, that’s what’s happening, you’re transforming, and the life you’ve previously created may or may not be up to date with how you are shifting.  Ultimately only opportunities exist – no matter your obstacles and choices – yet the fine line of danger exists as well as we’re finding our way.  The danger is in not acknowledging your true hearts desire, and acting upon it… this can cause us to blame others, project judgment onto them (and their lifestyle/food habits, behavior, etc).  If you feel conflicted by this, it may well be time to tune in within, and ask yourself what you really want in life – and if your outer reality doesn’t match your hearts desire, what can you do to accept others unconditionally and also be willing to make changes, without wronging anyone else?  In short, what does it mean for you to  simply taking responsibility for the direction that honors what you really want, and align your life accordingly guilt/shame/blame free – towards yourself and others?

-Since you’ve been home, have you gotten super busy with catching up while being gone? This I hear often actually.  Careful!  It’s all too often – especially for us ladies – that we distract ourselves from our true needs by taking care of everybody else first.  Most of us know this story well.  And yes, it will eat up most of your time, leave little for you left over, and probably lead to doing your best to keep up – that may at times mean reaching for the stimulate cycle:  caffienne, chocolate, heavy foods, alcohol, etc.  If this is you, it may be time for a reset, yes, another one!  Reassesing how we use our energy – and most important why – may be the difference between feeling like we’re a hamster on a wheel, or a master of our own reality.  This is a big one!  Question:  is your own personal process being usurped by over commiting to others?  If so, why?  What has become more important that your own sense of self and self-care?  What adjustments can you make to allow time for yourself, before saying yes to others?  Suggestions: 1. set up a daily routine that includes self-care time each day… make self-care a habit, 2.  ask yourself “what is the emotional driver that triggers me into overdrive and even forgetting about my own needs?” 3.  what is your support system that helps you with other life responsibilities?  4.  are you commited to your health and happiness and willing to make  necessary changes so that its a way of life?  What are those changes?  What’s your plan for implementing those changes without delay (if you are delaying – why?  Is is based on rational/or irrational motives?  Remember, keep coming back to your true need, i.e. self-care).

2.  “I’m still fasting!  What should I do next?”

Ah – I love it!!!  Exciting!  Way to continue – for this is one of the single greatest things you can do it excel on your path, go the distance in repairing your body (and mind), and know a level of health that comes with letting go, by going through a very deep level of surrender, all the way down to your cells! There is a definite blessing to longer cleanse periods… here are a few suggestions to take it to the next level:

-be sure to consume enough liquids in a day… by this I mean at least 5 liters.  We have one person still fasting now who didn’t want anything but water for 4 days, so by all means, only have water then if its truly your body speaking.  After those days and a few colonics, she is beaming, and life debilitating digestive problems and fatique are leaving her as the very moments pass by… day by day, as she continues to listen to what her body really wants.

-listen!  To what your body is calling for, let it be your guide… remember, put your brian in your belly and listen very closely to what its calling for.

-process emotions that may surface… most important!  Be aware of distractions away from this (relationships, work, etc).  Sitting with oneself and allowing for the process of both physical and emotional unraveling is to truly take care while fasting. We can often feel quite fragile at times while cleansing, allow for this by tuning in within, and giving time and space to what you’re feeling.

-know when you need support and ask for it.  Not sure what you’re feeling?  In need of support, reach out and ask for it!  Feel free to shoot me an email or call me, or if you need deeper assistance, book a session and we’ll go in deep!  Otherwise, seek support out where you will feel held, understood, and guided in your process (think healing sessions, therapy, talking with a friend, etc).  Support is everything!

-be sure to use your circulation practices, at least one per day:  enemas/colonics (at least a few times per week – and in severe cases daily), massage, dry skin brushing, sauna/steam, light exercise, ear candles, healing sessions, therapy, etc.  This will help the old stuff to come out more efficiently so your body can circulate nourishment unimpeded by the obstruction of toxic blocks.

-keep with a blood cleaner like collodial silver, MMS, GSE, etc – and keep your intestines clearing out with the flax seeds.

-journal write!  Getting in touch and exploring your voice within helps much as your letting go of old stuff and preparing way for the new…

-are you documenting your process?  Let me know if you don’t have our checklist chart – daily recording helps you to track your progress and gain insight of just how much you are shifting day to day.

-decide to love yourself no matter what!  We all have plenty to process in general, so may we go gentle and easy on ourselves – and love anyway – no matter what we encounter within, or in life.  Love Anyway…. And Expect the Best from Life!  Remember, thoughts are things and the building blocks of life… keeping your mind clear will greatly aid in the clearing of toxins from you body.  How’s your meditation practice?  This is key in going deeper, especially on longer fast (check out – this is the site to learn about Vipassana – simply the greatest gift ever!).

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