Getting Menstrual Cycle Back

Student: Hi Amy, It’s been a while.. I hope you have settled well back to NYC as well as enjoyed your time in Ibiza. What a wonderful place to discover.

I’ve been thinking of you lots lately and if you were still in Bali, would’ve tried to come to see you. 

My partner and I got married in August which was extremely special. In November we decided we would start trying to have a baby. However, ever since I have no longer got my periods (used to always be regular and had already come out of a pill 3 years ago).

Nothing else in my life has changed – I’ve been on the same roughly 70% raw food diet, eating gluten, dairy or sugar very rarely (meat hardly ever). Alcohol sometimes but not more than before. And in general I’ve been very healthy with regular yoga practices, not too stressed at work, sleeping well. I haven’t been sick for two years except this Christmas, when I had high fewer and was sick for a few days. I’ve been doing 3 x 4-5 day juice cleanses per year, last one in November. 

If you have any tips regarding nutrition or what to focus on that could help getting my periods back again, or any other comments, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

With love..
Dr. Amy:  Nice to hear from you!  Lovely!

I’m so happy for you – how wonderful you got married and now wanting to have a child, gives me goose bumps!!!
I will be in Bali for about 6 weeks, starting next week – so if you can come then, you’re very welcome!!!
It’s very common on the healthy eating/lifestyle/detox path that at a certain point, often a few years into it – that you’re period may stop.  Often stress is a part of it – though, in your case, you haven’t had stress really, and it sounds like not so many variable have changed in your life… though clearly your body is giving you  signs of something else.
Here’s my general take on what’s happening with you….  Any shift in diet/detox – whether for the more healthy, or less – can cause the channels of elimination to shift.  For us as women, this can also be with our menstrual  cycle – SUPER common.  I’ve seen women not bleed for up to 2 years even.  In essence, when my sense it that
your blood/elimination flow is congested basically.  Instead of the blood thinning (from the womb lining), as it will with time, once your body adjusts and stabilizes – the blood actually coagulates from slow circulation in the womb… We can see this as a natural to the body no longer needing to over compensate for oxygen to the womb being slowed
by a heavier diet… oxygen/circulation is increasing, though we’ll experience it in the beginning (years even) sometimes as a very heavy flow, or if so thick – it may even stop the flow, and at the same time our hormones may go a bit tweaky (our of balance).  I encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing with all your healthy practices, keep patient and listening to your body – and balance will return, and you will bleed again.  The blood may come as very thick, dark (or even black), and even smell very strong.  This is all the old back up your womb has been accumulating for a very long time – not just since your cycle stopped.  It may also be spotty to start.  After a few months, and once any heavy bleeding has past (and even very heavy cramping for some) – once your womb has sufficiently cleansed itself – you’ll likely no longer have intense cramps and pain, the
blood will flow with ease and not too much – or too little. It will be bright red, and have little to no smell.  After many years of being on this path, your cycle may go down to just 2-3 days, and be just an absolute joy and pleasure – as we celebrate the absolute beauty
and privileged of being a woman, and what that means – with our cycle being representative of that.  It’s no longer a burden or irregular…
All of those state indicate an imbalance in a woman’s body… that you’re now experiencing with it stopping.  Just continue, and know it will return.  The more tuned in you are to your womb, ovaries, and being the woman you are – the better… the great beauty, lesson, and
benefit of what you’re experiencing – is the return to being aware of yourself as a woman, and all the treasure that comes with it – so long as we understand ourselves, and our cycle as an indicator to self/health awareness. Here’s an exercise to help you with that… it works  wonders.  I had clients who haven’t bleed in some time, begin right away:

Image by Madhupa Maypop

1.  Get into a quiet meditative place, where you won’t be interrupted.

2.  Place one hand on your heart center, and tune into it.. then drop your attention down
into your ovaries, and place the other hand on that area.
3.  Feel your heart and ovaries/womb and tubes all connected together.  Breathe into them, letting go, and surrendering your awareness unto your female organs, and heart center (the thymus gland, located in the center of your chest).
4.  Now place both hands onto your ovaries.  Keep breathing into them, out from them.
5.  Drop your ears into your ovaries… listen to them, what are they telling you? Listen closely to your female organs.  Allow all sensations, feelings, thought, and messages to surface… just listening. If it brings emotion, allow yourself to fully feel them. If tears come, or any feeling – give it space, attention, allowance, and complete acceptance.
6.  Once you feel clear… begin to rotate your ovaries counter clock-wise, with your awareness.  Like you’re opening a jar.  Imagine them opening, softening, and coming to life.  Keep listening to them, feeling, and experiencing them.
7.  Keep with this for at least 5 minutes… give this process as much time as you can, each morning when you wake up (or morning time), and before going to sleep (or evening time)… keep with this practice consistently, feeling how it may affect your ovaries, how you feel, while welcoming your menstrual flow.
Consistency is key! Keep with it!  Relax into it, listen closely to your female organs, and what it feels like to be a woman.  Enjoy!!!  This is your birthright – to be closely connected with yourself, and female organs.  Get to know how much “power’ you have with your body… it only does what the mind tells it to. May this be a conscious process that allows you to fully connect with yourself. Often we lose our cycle because we’ve lost connection to ourselves as a woman.  Welcome your tenderness, sensitivity, feelings – and all you are. May you in-joy yourself fully.
Let me know how it goes!!!
Much love!

Feb. News, Why Believe In Love? 9 Reasons

Why Believe In Love?

Why believe in love, anything, or anyone really?

What’s the significance of belief and how it drives us? What we believe in gives value, validity, and weight to what we deem important, and how we direct our lives. Without it, we may feel stuck, stagnate, and otherwise impaired. Yet with some beliefs, we may be impaled by what we’ve inherited, what we’re conditioned by, or what’s been imposed upon us – and ultimately what we may have bought into.

In a modern day world of quick fixes, fast solutions, and snake oils – it’s no wonder we may not believe in love – or much of anything, and even be cynical and bitter. This is understandable, yet potentially fatal when it comes to the most important belief of all… some say that’s the belief in self. Perhaps what believing in oneself truly means is beyond beliefs, and it really means knowing self? Is knowing self/self-love the turning point in not only our personal growth, yet also in our collective human evolution?   Thinking, feeling, and acting from a deeper state of inner reflection – rather than what’s popularized and in politics – surely sets a different stage, that the drama we may find in our lives, and in mass culture.

What’s beyond belief then? For me, consistent connection to the ever shifting and changing inner terrain within that listening to my body and inner voice reveals. Devoted to, this place of mystery offers me fresh insights that my unconscious beliefs tend to defend with rigidity, rights and wrongs. For example, if my lover and I have a fight, I can continue to project my views onto him, insisting he is judging me. Just last night this happened. Sitting with it, I realized I was judging myself for not being able to keep up with my personal ideals of perfectionism. If I continue to defend this place of projection, we only fight and feel distrust towards each other. In reality, softening my self-ideals, accepting and loving myself anyway – well, we not only get along better – yet also a part of me is deeply healing. Who can keep up with perfectionism? There’s little love there.

Thank goodness for that little voice inside. It’s constantly drawing me back within to listen, and trust love.

Here are 9 reasons why to “believe” in love:

  1. Belief can lead to knowing with ample time for self-reflection, inner listening, following that little voice inside – and loving self as first priority.
  2. If I don’t believe in love, do I believe in myself?
  3. Love generated from within isn’t contingent on anyone else… it never goes away, dies, or changes… it’s the one thing we can always count on.
  4. Holding out for true love is easier on us than choosing the opposite, or settling for compromised shades of what may appear to be love.
  5. Love asks us to dig deep. It sets the priority and precedent for all other positive values such as honesty, integrity, and kindness.
  6. Love never losses. Even if we are faced with challenging choices, if love is the determining bottom line factor, even if it hurts – we win in the long run.
  7. It’s where good things grow from, and where we can find comfort and solace… love is where truth lives.
  8. Real love sets us free… otherwise, bound is the captor of “love.”
  9. Love is the place of magic, miracles and healing – where the inexplicable is born, and where the sacred is sanctified.

Happy Valentines Beloveds! May we free ourselves to love… beyond belief.

Much Love,

Dr. Amy

Feeling Bloated


Hi Amy, 

I feel really bloated now.

This is my second day of liquid only consisting:

1 lemon juice

2 green juice

1 coconut water

1 coconut mylk (flesh+water+strained)

1 turmeric lemonade with stevia

I’ve started fasting since 16-19 January consisting lemon, green juice, coconut smoothie/mylk, and 1 salad. 

The first 2 days I still had cooked food: flourless wheat and other wrap (containing gluten) around my salad. Only 3rd and 4th day I was on fully raw.

Stevia has always been my best friend since Bali retreat.

It’s only been 2 days I’ve been properly following the good food combining chart. The first 2 days of fasting I had seeds, nuts, and coconut oil in my dressings, which according to the chart you have sent it is poorly combined.

I had Enema on Thursday evening, yesterday evening, and today afternoon, after the building of bloating feeling getting bigger and bigger. I had a thorough flushing anally through enema since Thursday, yesterday, and today. It was gradually cleansed with lots of debris stored junks that today on my last flush it was the clearest, felt really great flushing and releasing.

Then I felt really weak. 

I had my green juice straight away. 

I’m sensitive with kombucha and other fermented or containing alcohol probiotic. So I had my prebiotic Jerusalem artichokes which I have early in the morning normally. Then I had my coconut mylk 1 hour after green juice. Then 1 hour after followed by a cooked vegan strained broth of tomato, onion, and carrot, I felt a need of something soothing and I can’t take the weakness. I slept it over afternoon and it didn’t go away. Instead I had vegan broth above blended and strained, salted a pinch one.

Im gonna do a mediatation and breathwork now.

I feel like I need a massage. But my normal Friend who have given great energetic Thai Massage was busy. So I have to wait til this coming week.

I had my dry skin brush and scrubbing superfood on Tuesday and today.

I feel really bloating now.

Please advice.

Thank you.

Dr. Amy:
Thanks for writing.
I highly recommend getting a colonic asap.  Enemas are great, and important when
we don’t have access to colonics.  Though, they aren’t anywhere near as thorough
as a colonic.
It sounds like you have so much stored waste and gas loosened – though again, back to
the perastalisis muscle not being toned enough yet to eliminate to the same ratio it’s actually ready to come out.  With this loose waste is likely some compacted old poo and mucous that also contribute to the blockage – which creates bloating.  If you get on the colonic tube, you’ll likely dump MASSIVELY!   It’s imperative to do this asap!  The longer it sits there bloated out, the more it recycles back into your blood stream. This is why you feel so weak.  You really need to get that stagnate poison out of your body, and you will feel SOOOOO much better. Your body will then be able to uptake nutrition properly, which will also give you energy.  Enemas just aren’t thorough enough for this type of bloating.
You will feel a significant difference with just one good session, though it will take likely about 3-5, continuing to fast – until your body and thoroughly eliminated.
It’s very important to not break your fast until you’ve gotten the waste out.  That would be counter productive. You’re doing excellent work, and your body is responding very well ….. it’s doing exactly what it’s designed to do.  Over time, with continued fasting and staying off the other types of food, our perastalisis with strengthen. It will take some time, with exactly what your doing.
So – I highly suggest continuing your fast for at least 3-5 days more, with the same amount of colonic sessions.  It will likely be life-changing for you. You’re very ready!!!
One more thing, in your email you said – “I can’t take the weakness”…. I’d like to encourage you to shift your thinking about this.  I understand its challenging to feel weak with so much toxicity passing through your body.  This is when your body and being need your attention the most.  To be willing to feel the weakness, and take good care of yourself, is different that reacting to it with rejection, and not wanting to go there. Naturally we don’t want to go there. Though – what if there are messages for you there?  What
if you have an opportunity to slow down, replace the word weakness with the thought “wow, thank you body, I feel you’re passing massive toxicity now, I honor you, and am allowing myself to feel this both in my body, and what it feels like emotionally.”  What does feeling weak bring up for you?
May you allow yourself to feel all these feelings, honor them, and take good care of yourself… all the while following the colonic sessions as suggested.  I promise you’re going to feel like a different person in a weeks time.
Most important is to stick with it, allow it to pass, use your circulation practices as you’ve learned… and REST.
It takes much energy to detox the old poison out.  So please take the pressure of yourself, be with the feeling, COLONICS (and yes its important that many sessions), and continue.  Getting in the sauna will also greatly help!
Much love dear heart.

Tired and Lacking Energy

Student: Happy New Year Amy and great to see you are taking your Wisdom to Europe this year.
I have been feeling very tired and lacking of energy for many months now. I believe I must have some Kind of Parasites. What do you recommend for a home remedy to rid of them? I’m running out of energy and trick my self and giving up for too Many unhealthy food options. Please help.


Dr. Amy: Home remedies can be a shot in the dark without proper diagnosis.
You may (or may not), have a parasite. If you do, it may be a general garden variety type that’s typically easy to eliminate with MMS and fasting correctly. With more dangerous type of parasites such as ehystolitica, it’s crucial to have accurate diagnosis. Keep in mind that obtaining this, from even the best of well-intended doctors, is almost always inaccurate due to the lack of thorough testing, lab testing for a wide range of species, and targeted accurate treatment. The only specialist I know of in the world who I trust to diagnosis – at least 95% accurate – is Dr. Kevin Cahill in New York City. Dr. Cahill says general stool tests are 70% inaccurate, even the hot stool test is said to not be highly accurate.
So – before you apply random home testing, I strongly recommend that you know what you’re dealing with. It’s worth a trip to NYC for this, especially if you’ve changed your diet and lifestyle, though you’re still not getting truly better. Or for anyone who just simply doesn’t get well, and their health rapidly declines. Very
often a dangerous parasite is at the root of such conditions, and illnesses. Unfortunately, accurate testing is difficult to come by.
Bless all your efforts! You have basic knowledge to eliminate common bacteria from your system dear, this is the place to start. If it isn’t working, best to see the worlds parasite specialist… Dr. Cahill. Especially because you’ve traveled extensively in 3rd world countries. Though, even people who haven’t left 1st world countries often have them… when you’ve been especially to India, it’s almost certain you’re a host.
Keep with it. I know it isn’t always easy when you’re tired all the time, yet there are solutions for those who apply themselves with a focused effort. It takes that, as pathogens and parasites are not easily eliminated. You’ve got to really want to take your body back – from basically the natural process of decay. Standing up for your life is what it takes now, otherwise, they may be given an unconscious permission to literally eat you up.
Join our Cleanse Club/Do A Detox on Facebook, we do monthly cleanses, and talk more in depth about this topic.
Love & Support.
Dr. Amy

Detox Support – Q & A

Hello dears,

I have been getting a few questions during the detox period, and I would like to share them with you as support:
Q:  I’m still breastfeeding…is this protocol possible for this?

Photo by Annie Spratt

A: Breastfeeding while cleansing is possible, just understand that your

baby will also detox right along with you.
I recommend going slow in your process so you can gauge how the changes you make affect your baby.  Going at an easy pace is typically as helpful for baby, as it is for Momma.  Avoiding extremes is key, and remaining very sensitive to how baby is affected.
I also suggest taking probiotics regularly so your child can also get that boost.  Keeping your system supported with supplements/superfoods is also advised so your little one also gets that benefit.
Q: I had a problem yesterday. I was feeling super nausea from 7pm and vomited at 9pm then passed out in bed and then woke up at 11pm to vomit again, all the liquids from the afternoon. It was pretty debilitating and because I don’t have physical support where I am I felt I had to be more physically able to support myself so I had a salad this morning and the nausea disappeared.
A: The symptoms you experienced are natural and normal.  Actually, more than that – you’ve just greatly improved your health. I know it isn’t easy as you’re going through it… though better out than in!
All of the liquids stirred up the poison in your belly, and by vomiting you expelled what would have otherwise absorbed into your tissue – creating the potential for low energy, and even illness at some point – all the while lowering your immune system.
We often vomit while detoxing because the perastalisis muscle – the one that tells us we need to poop – is too weak (i.e. atrophied due to old dehydrated, compacted poo plugging the colon) to eliminate thoroughly. We may still poo daily, though not to the  degree old waste has accumulated.  
When all the juice interacted with the “top layer” of the stored waste, your body did exactly what it’s designed to do, and puked it out through the only other immediate orfice it could since the bowel is clogged – and that’s through your mouth.  Keeping light, as in the detox plans
suggested, you’ll continue to eliminate through the other orffices of your body as well – so don’t be surprised if you sweat at night. Getting in the sauna – and having a good proper sweat – will also greatly help.
Yes, when you had a salad you felt better because you slowed your detox way down.  This is why often if we eat during fasting – which suppresses symptoms – we will feel better. Not always though, as
when the body has taken over… when you eat during a fast and feel worse, its because the body can’t eliminate the old and new waste simultaneously without it consuming much energy (which means
you feel crappy).
So – I recommend you continue. You’ve just built a muscle – or endurance – for going through what we may refer to as a healing crisis.  You may want to stick with salad, or soup – and juice.  Most important
is to stick with it!
With love and support,

Parasites & Getting Enough Nutrition

A student from our last raw food chef and detox training recently asked some questions about parasites, and getting enough nutrition – thought to share this with you.

Your knowledge is extremely profound and I am so happy you share this all! I have all that understanding about retoxing, sugar and adrenals, alkaline imbalances and psychic health and effective fasting, losing weight without fear and tearing down before building up and and and… this changed all my understanding and answered tons of question marks.

>May the unknown, with its many questions, fill you with wonder – and a joy in the adventure of learning. My experience is – no matter how much I learn, or knowledge I gather – there are still so many unanswered questions in this wonder and vastness of life.  May we be inspired by questions, inquisitive and use them as a prompt to never stop growing and learning!

I still have some questions left though. well number one is really a big one, even if all raw foodists say just listen to your body and you really don’t need a lot and it is mainly a psychological fear\neediness of not getting enough and yes I got a better connection to this inner child issue, haha but still:
how much greens in kilo should I consume per day? how much would a man need? I can hardly grasp an amount when shopping and can I do mostly salads as I don’ t have a juicer? ( they are sooo expensive)

>In the first few years of eating primarily or all raw, and avoiding toxins, you’ll likely need download-1MUCH more of greens, fats, and nutrients in general as the body tends to be quite deprived when we first begin.  As a guide, I recommend drinking minimum of 2 liters of green juice each day, and 3 is great.  Salads and solid food is a part of the rebuilding process as well, and of course staying off the old stuff.  A man may need even more, though I suggest for everyone, to keep a balance between greens, fats, and lots of seaweed!  Immune building herbs, whether fresh or in tincture are another great way to rebuild. If you’re truly listening to your body, you’ll notice you’ll either want more naturally (so long as you haven’t filled up on an empty carb type food instead), or you simply won’t want it.  Eating and gathering the nutrition you needs becomes much more intuitive, then even instinctual – so keep listening!  I understand a good juicer can be expensive, as is buying all the produce you need.  This is part of building one’s self-worth I feel, saying yes – I am worth this… and putting the discipline into making juice each day, instead of grabbing what may be more convenient, though less nutrient rich.

The other question is, why do I get such extremely dry collapsed skin and why do my bones hurt when I hit them? what to do? I understand that I lack sports and that psychologically it is a boundary\selfnourishing issue, but how to solve that problem? How can I be sure I am only dehydrated and not severely deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral?

>Well, you may very well be long-term deficient… the symptoms you mentioned (and knowing your health a bit), are indicative of this:  dehydration, dry/collapsed skin/bones easily sore.  For you in particular, I feel you may have parasites for some time. If this is indeed the case, especially long-term, you can be assured you have nutritional deficiencies. I feel its crucial you get properly tested asap. By that, I mean visiting the worlds expert, Dr. Cahill, in NYC asap.  Find a way.  Remember as you learned in class, it is almost impossible to find proper parasite testing and diagnosis.  This is the only doctor I’ve ever found who is a thorough or accurate as Dr. Cahill.  This is due to his particular knowledge, accuracy of diagnosis, and treating correctly. This is the first step in regaining your health. From there – your body will upload and absorb nutrition in a way that it cannot otherwise.  Its great you’re doing all you can for upgrading your health. Please remember that if there are parasites getting your nutrition first, shitting in your blood, and proliferating in your body – it will be very difficult to get the nutrition you need.

And if I fast and get a fever, I only have to drink more water and do more enemas, right?

>Remember – fever is indicative of infection.  The body heats up to burn off infection.  So, yes keep fasting in this case, drink copious amounts of good alkaline water, and keep the body unplugged with enemas and/or colonics.  Sleep is the other critical element. It’s the great healer.  Most of all, trust it, allow your body to remove it – and it will, so long as its not too toxic. That’s when one needs to be careful and use the upmost care – if one is super toxic and feverish, they need to be closely monitored by as fasting expert/doctor to be safe.  Most people, with average toxicity, will pass infection easily enough by not eating, staying super hydrated (about 7-10 liters of water per day), and sleeping as much as possible.  Typically people don’t understand this, freak out, suppress a fever with pharmaceuticals, food, and other suppressants.  This is counter-active, and only stuffed infection back into the tissue.  Allow it to pass, in the way we’ve talked about, and your body will get the chance to better your health in a huge way.  Trust your body, it knows what its doing.  The key is hydration, sleep, fasting, and keeping a calm/still mind. Meditation is ideal in this equation.

Well there are not many questions left but I hope new ones will come up as soon as I start my way back home, I am so looking forward to it, to build my lifeplan and do a parasite cleanse. I think I start with kambo followed by humaworm and rectal oregano oil, diatomacious earth and maybe even mms.

>I suggest getting properly tested first.  Know what you’re dealing with, rather than applying random protocols that may or may not target what you’re dealing with.  You can further compromise your health, thinking you’re doing something great for yourself, without knowing what you’re dealing with, proper diagnosis, and then treatment.  Please don’t underestimate this.  Once you’ve done this, and cleared your system, you’ll likely respond much better to other types of more natural treatments. Keep in mind, its ideal to treat the body naturally, yet with parasites – its imperative to know what you’re dealing with, as in my experience natural treatments don’t always work on more intense parasites.  Also, its important to catch them sooner than later, as they can do major damage to your body, the longer you’re a host.

My mum and Asthma

15034560_323559498016495_8350546029887619072_nQ : I have been really concerned about my mum’s conditions. She’s had asthma for years, the triggers are usually change of weather and stress. Lately it’s become worse and worse, and I’m worried because she’s on her own. She also takes asthma medicine (that I think causes her mood swings) Is there anything natural she could take that you suggest?

A:  Asthma is a particular one… in that – as you may have experienced – a person who has difficulty breathing is often prone to panic attacks and anxiety.  My feeling is that this is at the core of Asthma – long term stress and anxiety… this combined with lung congestion, dust/pollen and food allergies – a person often lives in fear of panic.

On an emotional level, I feel this also has to do with deep seated sadness, often disappointment, and even regret and holding onto heaviness from the past.
Clearing this condition – in a natural way, beyond drugs – is something a person would really need to want.  Facing these old emotions is key, as is eating a lighter diet that excludes fat, fried food, sugar, and caffeine.  Avoiding dairy is crucial as it also contributes to inflammation – like the other food mentioned.  Decreasing inflammation and lung congestion is of greatest importance.  This, along  with fasting, would GREATLY help.
Some places to get started, as she begins to work on her diet and cleansing process:
-face steaming… boil a pot of water, add a few drops of peppermint oil, have her sit down, and put a towel over her head.  Breath it in deeply. She may cough, and feel overwhelmed.  Help her to remain calm, and remind her she is safe.  Have a trash can close, and as she will need to spit out phlegm.  Do this at least 3 times per week.
-help her to breathe.  Developing a regular breathing practice can help – so that a person remembers to breathe, in a regular fashion, especially when they may otherwise panic.
-meditation… calming the mind, and learning to observe anxiety, instead of reacting to it is the biggest gift for an asthma sufferer.
Bless your Mom… its a great opportunity to truly let go, trust life, and start fresh again.  It’s a gift waiting to be had, by facing what reinforces trauma – which is the number cause of asthma in essence.
Love to you, and your mother…