What Feeds Your Soul?/Ask Dr. Amy/Tarot Temple


Hello Dear Lovelies,

Are you in need of a personal message?

In our last Sunday session on Tarot Temple, I listened to the inner world of each persons’ body and soul, bringing personal messages for health, home, life direction, livelihood – and more.

Physical – emotional to spiritual – each individuals guidance, was also for the group. Unique and personalized, souls were seen, tears were shed, messages received, and hearts opened.

d262076a-c96f-49c3-9c25-48442a4013b8Each Sunday has it’s own theme.  The last one was ‘nurture’. A sense of nourishment interweaved the sharings to offer a deeper understanding of the word, reminding us it comes in many forms:  in the richness of relationships, the need for intimacy, and what can transpire when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable (seen really – and in this context – in a group reading).

How are you nurturing yourself? Nourishment is a need we all have.  What do you need to feel well cared for… first from yourself, and in your life?  What does nourishment mean for you?

Here’s a few suggestions for self-nurturing:

  1. Receive your own wisdom. Sit with yourself daily even for just 5 minutes, and listen to your body.
  2. Trust yourself, welcome all your feelings.
  3. Act on your inner guidance – this is how it strengthens.

Home, rest, money, or a mate – may we hear our inner voice, heed it, and follow its call for freedom, love, and beauty… and how it uniquely speaks to you.




What Rules Your Life?


Hello Hello!

What rules your life?

Whether careening out of control, or masterfully flowing through life’s joys and challenges – or somewhere in between – our (un)conscious commitments determine our experience.  What are you experiencing as a result of either conscious or unconscious commitments?  Ease to challenge, did a series of choices set up what you’re now going through?

Back to Ibiza this past week to move out of our house after subletting it for 8 months, it was a huge and emotional job.  Tired and needing rest, our schedule didn’t really allow us to stop. We had ourselves tightly booked with many commitments that didn’t include allowing for what a big move can bring.  Do you also have (un)conscious commitments that keep you on the move constantly?

Making a mistake on our booked ferry, our unconscious commitment was revealed. Ha – we said to ourselves.  We so needed rest, yet we weren’t allowing for it – so we unconsciously found a way to get that need meet.  Making the commitment conscious, we’ve stayed on sunny warm beautiful Ibiza for a week instead, and slowed right down, unpacked a packed schedule – and made different choices that support our true needs.

How can we harness life’s storms?  And alchemize them into strength and courage?

Gaining a different perspective on our choices and commitments is what we explore on our Tarot Temple/Ask Dr. Amy Sunday sessions, coming up today in just a few hours.

“Thank you for your loving expression of your gifts, and for creating a community of like-minded people to support each other. You shared with me much to ponder today… ”  Monique, Washington

“Thank you Amy for sharing your insight and taking this time every Sunday!” David, NY
Thank you Amy, thank you all for this wonderful space”. – Nicole, Zurich

About Our Tarot Reading


Hello Dear Hearts,

Are you seeking solutions to unasked questions inside of you? What are those questions, and what needs answering?  Are you looking for deeper insights into who you are, your life direction, and what you may not share – though long to?   Join us Sunday for Ask Dr. Amy – and bring those questions, while giving them a voice. Share, be read, or just witness.  And most important – be supported – just by being present.

Many of you have worked with me privately over the years with my Intuitive Naturopathic Sessions. This is similar, though in a group.  It’s tarot – without the cards.  Each person who speaks (usually there are 3-4 people in the hour we are together), acts as a “card” –  or voice for the group.  Weaving the wisdom and insights each person reveals, a bigger picture is formed that offers deep and impactful messages for each person in the group.  My job is to listen deeply, and “read” each participant – offering messages – specific to your personal needs.

Last week we started with the screaming child who represented the need to break free and be heard. The next “card” revealed the chariot, and we learned how to get traction where we feel trapped in the small self.  We closed with the insights of the third person who showed us the need to see we always have options, though how we lose them when stuck in our head, disassociated from feeling.  Merging head to heart, we reclaimed our power to make choices, letting go of thinking thinking, and opened up to the power of feeling.  We closed full circle with the playful child emerging as our last card, reminding us to reclaim our innocence, be free, and simply be here – reminding us there are no problems in the present moment.

What will it be this Sunday?  That depends on you.   Be a part of the constellation, speak if you feel drawn, or just witness and be supported as I weave the messages from each “card” into the group – to you personally.

Join us for another powerful, emotionally impactful, and soul moving session, Sunday.  Register below.

Love, Dr. Amy

“Very grateful for the reading, thank you again ❤ ooo I really just LOVE this work!” 😀
Alina, Amsterdam

From Turmoil to Tenacity


Dearest Reader,

Happy Sunday.

I know none of us are strangers to turmoil – wretched it is – gut wrenching agony.  Though having experienced plenty of it, it teaches me tenacity.

tenacity | təˈnasədē | noun the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly: the quality or fact of being very determined; the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.

I especially like that last definition “the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.”  After rising up from a very broken place a year and a half ago, I learn to give myself permission to truly be fully here, to take up space, or continue to exist – and therefore persist.

Do you relate, or does this at all sound vague?

The turmoil – heart ache really – of subconsciously believing I don’t have a right to exist, was nothing less than echos of childhood trauma.  I didn’t know it, though I wasn’t fully here.  Hiding, undervaluing myself, and living in turmoil, something in me knew there had to be another way.  I’m so thankful for that inner voice – and following it!

And thank goodness for tenacity.  The ability to dig in and not give up, even when we have no idea how to do it, what to do, or what we’re doing.  To persist – continue to exist – when all odds (especially in the mind), say we should just quit doing what we love, not go for that next challenge that calls our heart, or otherwise crawl under the covers and hide.

Growing my online business, I’m learning to make videos. And is it ever CHALLENGING!!!  Every bit of resistance, self-judgement, and big time perfectionism makes me want to absolutely just quit – and quick.  After sinking a huge amount of money into a promotional process, little did I know – I’d be asked to make many videos for it… oh no, anything but that.  “Ha” says the right to exist. “Poo poo you” says the need to persist.  Yet – in doing so, out of pure stubbornness – persist I have.  It brings me closer in touch with my innate ability to keep excelling, no matter the initial 60 video failure.  I’m learning how to record, facing my fears of not being good enough, and learning to accept myself (again), no matter.  It’s said showing up – is the first step to success.

So turmoil or tenacity?  It’s like asking myself what I’d prefer – drama or just doing it.  I’ll take the second please.

Do you also get stuck because you have trouble moving past self-judgement and the inner critic?  I really understand.  Lets just break it down, learn what we need to learn, not know, and accept where we are. We can only get better from there – and perhaps even fulfill dreams along the way.

Thank you tenacity teacher.  I’ll take you over turbulence and perfectionism any day.

Feeling called to get on with it?  May full commitment – presence and persistence really – be our guide.
“Jumping from failure to failure with undiminished
enthusiasm is the big secret to success.”

Savas Dimopoulos
Need a helping hand?

Join us for our group Sunday Tarot Reading/Ask Dr. Amy webinar. It’s free.

My love, support, and acknowledgement to you.


Is Your Comfort Zone Killing You?

images (4)

Hello Beloved Reader – whether you know it or not, you are be-loved by me!!!  Why?  Well why not?

This afternoon, our group tarot card reading interweaved a powerful scenario that I’m sure applies to your life as well.

Do you ever feel like there is a scream inside of you that isn’t being heard…. or expressed… by you?  This is what our first “tarot card” participant felt.  (We don’t actually use cards, its me doing the reading, with each participant acting as a “card”.)  What appeared as her cocoon of comfort, was also suffocating – instead of liberating her.  The comfort zone could also be her killer – the death of her growth, liberty, and self-dignity.  Are you being asked to step out and take a risk on what truly calls you?  Is it time?

Our next card – the chariot.  With his hands on the reigns, his image showed what’s possible when we have the discipline to guide that potent force into our greatest empowerment… and also the burden that can occur when we don’t take care of this momentum, and instead get caught up in other peoples needs around us. We learned that it takes discipline to protect the self time and space we need to regenerate, and not flatten all our energy in “supporting” others. Big one!!!

Finally, we learned to let go of thinking so much and being in the head – as we know we must do something different to get different results.  Overthinking = Disconnection from Self.  The playfulness and innocence of the child emerged to show us to BE HERE NOW – trust yourself and life. To let go of control (thinking thinking), and surrender to the unknown, what genuiely excites us, and have faith that through taking care of ourselves, our chariot will move forward – no force needed.  Just take a risk, and break out.

So may we let go, come home to self-time and care – and protect that space – while allowing our frustrations, helplessness, and fears to be held in that something Greater… that liberates, instead of suffocates.  What direction do you choose?  Listening to our body – and ultimately hearing the needs and direction of our soul – may very well take us farther, than force.  May we give death to our comfort zone to find out what else is possible.


Join us next Sunday and be read, or be a part of the reading.

My love to you!!!


How Your Oddity Can Help Others – Ask Dr. Amy


Hello Dear Reader!

I’m continuously amazed at the power of us!  I’m so fortunate to find out that a gift I have – what could be perceived as strange and odd – can help people! In yesterdays Ask Dr. Amy, we had another profound group reading that was impactful and emotionally moving.  Starting out, I asked each person to close their eyes and experience what they are feeling – in the moment – as a visual.  This image symbolizes a Tarot card each person represents for the session.  With a gift for vision, I weave the images together, processing the information that comes along with them. From this, a bigger picture reveals not only how we’re all connected, yet also offers personal insights that stay with the participants for some time… so they tell me.

One of the participants saw the image of woman standing shoreside, staring out at the mist.   Together we revealed her need to be held in sorrow.  Realizing she could hold herself, she melted in tears of release, and reclaimed a part of herself that yearning was robbing.  The whole group vicariously experienced a shift, as we witnessed her embrace of empowering self-love. It was both awe-inspiring and regenerative, for her and all of us.

So much happened in this hour that’s beyond words.  One person wrote me and said  “ I loved it, it brought me comfort and love.”

If you also question what it mean to fit in, wonder about your gifts, and how to use your oddity to help others – this free webinar may well be for you.

The next Ask Dr. Amy awaits you on Sunday.  Be seen and supported, loved and held in the wonder (and even weirdness) of you.

Sunday,  January 27th 
free Ask Dr. Amy webinar

In this inspiring and impactful 1 hour session experience:
-personal life and health issues addressed
-understanding yourself, and your body
-insight into your life direction
-empowering what you can do
-guidance for health issues
-being personally touched

Dr. Amy traces physical symptoms, to their emotional roots held in the body. She “reads” you like 
a map, bringing understanding and healing where needed, offering insight, inspiration, and direction.  People often ask Amy how she knows things about them that only they know, and how she does it!  A deep gift for vision allows her to see a person from a unique perspective… inspiring new ways of being, thinking, and feeling.

Your New Year Start: Progress or Pressure?

amy_her place-00416

Hello Hello!

How’s the start to your New Year?  Do you feel like you’re progressing, do you feel pressure, or perhaps a mix of both?

Often we’re full of inspiration for a new start, excited about the possibilities, what we can achieve, and even recommitting to dreams we may lost sight of.  And if we’re progressing with the intentions we started with, we may feel on track, dialed into what we really want, and have a sense of personally growing. If not – well, the old pressure cooker may get amped up, our self-worth may get squeezed upon, and we may feel restless.  The call to evolve seems to have its own agenda outside the meanderings of the mind – that’s often unwavering.  Unheeded this urge can make us feel quite anxious, like we’re crawling the walls.  Movement is often required to avoid the pitfalls of what not giving it attention can bring:  irriatability, aggiatation, relationship difficulties, not feeling like we’re getting anywhere, procrastination, pressure, etc… urgh!

A combination of all of this has been my personal experience in the past couple of weeks. Coming off a honeymoon high a few days ago, the long list was even longer…. and some of the things I’m committed to, just don’t seem to have the time and space needed.  As the old pressure pattern dug its hooks in, I felt myself feeling crabby and irritable.  Breathe I tell myself.  Then I’m reminded to step back, and reconsider this old familiar pattern, ripe for my attention to – well, exactly….  grow.

Reexamining my approach, here’s what’s helping me to realign and reconsider this opportunity – disguised as an obstacle!:

1.  Reframe how I view progress, and pressure.  I put the pressure on, and I can take it off, just by how I choose to see things.  Ah, time to see things from a different angle and make different choices!

2. Perfectionism issues?  Yep, me too… when I step out of micro managing and look from the bigger picture, I realize (again) my self-worth can’t be garnered by how much I produce.

3. Reprioritize.  I remind myself what’s truly important, and come back into what I do have, instead of measuring myself by what I haven’t yet accomplished.  I put my inner well-being make in number 1 position, and do what it takes to protect meditation, yoga, and writing. What keeps you well and how can you best protect it?

4.  Take days off.  Duh I say to myself.  Of course, that’s what I wish for everyone – and also need!  I remember to give myself what I know creates balance. And stick to it, no matter mind-stuff.

5.  Create Space To Avoid Addiction. Giving myself space and time to focus on my inner world, rather than jumping right to work in the morning, really helps me manage addictive tendencies.  Wine, chocolate, and escapes can be quite seductive when my inner demand is untamed with self-kindness. Self time and space can be the difference between true growth and contrived “progress” – that I can’t quite keep up with.

If you’re needing to reposition your New Years start, I hope this is helpful!

Here’s to starting again, continuously… every day is a new day.

My love to you!