Aug. News, Welcoming Change

Dearest Reader,

Happy summer (or winter for those in AU and the east)!  Ah, my favorite time of year.  Living in Bali for so long, I almost forgot other seasons exist besides sticky wet hot.  Spending less time there and experiencing the full range of seasons again for the first time in 7 years, I really appreciate the heat, yet in a different way. Amazing how contrast can put things in perspective.

It’s been an intense few years for many people.  Though many things may have changed in your life, has it brought you full circle with a different view?  In the cycle of loss and gain, death and rebirth, are you relearning some things all over again?   Are you changed as a result of what you’ve experienced in recent years?

As gentle waves lap against the side of Angelina, Anthony’s (my partner) beautiful museum like sail boat, I write you to a gentle rocking lull.   We’re preparing to sail to Croatia, out at sea with only God and nature as our witness.  Actually we’ll have Anthony’s son Alfie and their family friend Enzo with us.  At 75 Enzo just had open-heart surgery, cut groin to heart, due to a blocked aorta.  The Italian diet of pasta, bread, meat and cheese has been his comfort and culture.  Though to his digestive system it’s been close to fatal.  It hasn’t worked for over half his life… literally.

Dependent on enemas for 40+ years, changing his diet or lifestyle hasn’t been a consideration.  Beyond resistance, it simply isn’t an awareness he’s been exposed to, or had interest to seek out.  After surgery, his view changed.  He’s come full circle to appreciate health in a whole new way.  Juicing, and eating a vegan/high raw diet with us on board, he opened to something he never imagined, while enjoying it!   He doesn’t speak English much, nor do I Italian, yet a beauty and magic developed between us as I slowly watched his body and mind shift.  It’s a miracle really.  Changing his thinking and eating habits has given him a chance to live, and experience another part of himself, he may have otherwise missed.  The beginning stages of his elimination (therefore digestive system), started working again, and I can only imagine the insights and growth ripe for transmission.

My heart melts, and my devotion heightens, yet again.  It reminds me why I do what I do, and reinforces my passion for not only fasting and raw, yet for the human condition.  Of course the one constant is change, and it’s happening in every second.  Disintegrating one part of self, while simultaneously strengthening another.  In tandem with the cycle of life and death, it comes full circle yet again like a perennial – to bud, bloom, die, repeat. I find it comforting to remember it’s not happening to us, yet for us.

What’s coming full circle for you?  What opportunity does it offer?  Shedding to shine, may we welcome all phases of life as they change and transform us, remaining open to the different forms and flavors they may take.

Love & Support from Italy, as the Great Teacher of Change and Cycles take us full circle back to the one thing that never changes…. the love we share.

Dr. Amy

Still To Come In 2016….. 

To Be Confirmed – Breath Work & Detox Events
Sep. 3, Manchester, UK
Sep. 4, London, UK

2016 Last European Events – Breath Work & Detox
Sep. 7-11, Geneva Yoga Festival
Sep. 17-18, Geneva,  2-Day Seeds of Alchemy Workshop/Part 1
Sep. 24-25, Zurich, 2-Day Seeds of Alchemy Workshop/Part 2

Bali, Oct. 30-Nov. 18
Holistic Nutrition & Detox Teacher Training Retreat… For Professionals & Beginners
Vegan & Rawfood Chef Certification + Detox Training



Last year we gave away a scholarship for our Bali 10 day retreat, this year it’s 3 weeks!  It was so successful that we’ll do it again this year.  One for an Indonesian to support our Give Back Bali project, and one to a westener.

To apply, please write Amy with the following:

1.  Why are you applying… what is your dream, need, and interest?
2.  What will you do with the information you learn?
3.  How will it benefit you and others by coming on retreat with us?

-submissions end Sept. 10th
-the winners will be announced Sept. 15th
-all food is included, and the retreat.
-not included:  airfare, hotel, and other related expenses.


Amy - Assis

Departing the UK after a month long breath work and detox tour, there’s a disgruntled anguish and anxiety in the air – revolt even – like the precursor stages of a revolution.   Most everyone we encounter, and the general feeling, is people aren’t happy about the island’s decision to exit the EU.  The stress, fear for the future and what it all means has landed heavy.  The macrocosm seems to be meeting the microcosm, in all our travels, in every country.

How we “privileged” people handle not only our own personal stress, yet that of world crisis, may be the difference between buckling and breaking down, or building within and being a bridge to a new world.

Clearly our own cup needs to be continuously replenished, like a spring fed by its source, to be whole and of service in such turbulent times.  It may be very well one of the reasons why we are alive at this time in history – to serve, and create something new.

How resourced is your cup, to fulfill your own personal needs, help and create?  For us women, how hormonally balanced we are determines the quality and quantity of energy we have to give, and what we need to stay in check. Each stage of a woman’s life, and how she understands her ever changing nature and needs – from embracing challenges as opportunities to know herself, to welcoming trials as ushers for truth – may very well determine how gracefully she grows older, and graduates into Greater Womanhood.

From the reproductive years to perimenopause to menopause, there is a solution to each stage of hormonal health a woman experiences. Being aware of how hormones affect you, and acting on that information, is to listen to your body as a messenger of the soul, balance your biochemistry, emotions, and life – and take charge of your health, and how you age.

It may take some letting go of lifestyle choices and even relationships?  Likely, as we often postpone or ignore the call of our body, until it’s yelling with pain or not doing so well.  Hearing and heeding our body and hormones, no matter your age or stage of life, is to see the bigger picture, put your self first, and take a stand for your health and happiness. Technically speaking, it could be said that a woman’s greatest power is her awareness of her hormonal resource (or bank), and exercising how to keep balanced at any age.

How we grow older is dependent upon how we live as a younger woman.  If you’ve had difficult PMS for example, though haven’t changed factors that aggravate it, perimenopause, and menopause can be quite challenging.  The middle and later stages come with more ease, and less symptoms, living a balanced and nutritionally supported life early on.  No matter your time of life or how you’ve been living, understanding how you’re emotionally and physically affected by hormones, or a lack of them, and how to create balance, is to be proactive in taking care of yourself.

In the reproductive years we can recognize hormonal imbalances through intense PMS, skin issues, painful cramping and bloating, cysts, female and fertility issue, erratic emotions that can mess with your head (and life).  In perimenopasual (late 30’s if issues are present, 40’s without) its not unusual to experience your hair and skin drying, weight gain as the body prepares for menopause, memory issues, mid-life crisis where one questions everything, grey hair, low sex drive, plus hot flashes and night sweats.  In menopause, these symptoms can increase, and even go on for years, leading to emotional instability, a loss of bone density, osteoporosis, and accumulating health issues.

Remember, for every stage of life, there’s a solution.  The following applies to them all, depending on the severity of symptoms:

  1. number 1, take a look at your stress levels, both in your body and emotions. What is your greatest stress?  How can you alleviate it and take back your power?  Stress is known to be the biggest culprit in robbing hormonal health.
  2. eat a high raw, organic diet. If you cook, only use coconut oil as most cooked oils load the liver with saturated poison.
  3. avoid sugar, white flour, iodized salt, caffeine, stimulants, empty carbs, preservatives, animals based foods, allergens and foods that rob your vitality (i.e. hormones).
  4. build your nutritional bank strong as habit! Each day consume:

-drink 1-3 liters of green juice

-dark leafy greens



-omega 3, 6, 9 (Udo’s flax oil)

-coconut oil

-take super foods such as phytoplankton, vitamin C (from plant sources such as the ascerola berry), moringa, turmeric, and dragon’s blood.

-take probiotics (high in the millions of flora – specifically L-Planterum and L-Salvarus), and a good quality digestive enzymes. Maca, B vitamins including B12, chelated magnesium are also known to support hormonal health.

  1. improve your digestive health for better nutritional absorption and elimination. Do a detox!  Clean your blood and bowels!!!  Practice this as a lifestyle, with periods.
  2. relaxation is key to repair. Rest, take walks, do yoga, meditate, develop a breathing practice, etc. Take your time back… instead of borrowing on adrenal and hormonal health.
  3. are you doing what you love? There’s no time like the present, even if it means “starting over,” letting go of the known, or not knowing what you’re doing.  To thyself be true.
  4. do you feel intimately connected in your relationships? Do you experience barriers that prevent you from expressing yourself, and growing closer with others?  Do you need support/therapy to open to love (in all its various forms)? Without love (first in self), our efforts with diet, cleansing, and exercise – may not have as deep of an impact – as a loving heart that’s receptive to being vulnerable, connecting and growing.
  5. think you need a hormonal check? Get tested… you can buy a home test. Salivary tests are said to be the best because it shows not only available hormones, though distinguishes what your body can actually use.   Mercola suggests:  The Female Circadian Panel from Sabre Sciences. Be aware that blood and conventional testing may show total available hormones, though it doesn’t mean your body can use them.
  6. hormone replacement therapy?  Try herbal formulas, diet, cleansing, and working with a professional first – as they are less invasive and destructive.  Chemical drugs can contribute to more issues, that may cause long-term damage.
  7. build your immune system.  Take care of your body, connect to your spirit, and tend to your emotions.
  8. -like to learn more? Check out Dr. Mercola’s work:!

Living a long-term nutritionally supported life, from an earlier stage of life, with regular cleansing, clearing personal trauma, keeping stress levels low and love levels high, a woman can move into the middle and later stages of life with little symptoms.  Not all of us have experienced this early on.  It’s never too late to get started with better physical and emotional health, and to learn about our ever-changing nature as a woman, no matter our age or experience level.

May we never stop learning, and keep open with the exploratory wonder of a child, full of adventure. The opportunity for greater self-knowing and understanding, is an open-ended invitation.  Accepting it, no matter ones age, can help us to mature with grounded beauty, depth, and wisdom.   Healthy hormonal balance = feminine stability, awareness, and contributing to others with wholeness… no matter our time of life.

May all benefit from your self-care, beauty, hormonal stability, and all you have to give from this place.


Love & Blessings – from the beach in Italy, resting into my hormonal health….

Detox Q & A


Thanks for being in touch! Wonderful.
And how great to hear you’re continuing with your detox!!!
To answer your questions:
– With what should I do the colon-cleansing? Just water?
> Yes, be sure it’s filtered…. you could do an enema every day… morning is usually a good time, after drinking
only water, at least 1 liter – then drink lots after.  You may also want to get a colonic – highly recommend it!  Google colon hydrotherapy.

– For how long would you recommend that detoxing?

> Until you are TRULY hungry, and feel empty…

– I have still some products from my last cleansing, which was a program from Dr. Robert Gray. Could I use the powder to cleanse my intestines?

> Sure… what is it?

– Should I take some nutrients, like Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium?

> Could do – though be sure they are from whole food supplements, and not synthetic… also, I don’t recommend taking calcium as it is typically a bone knitter when taken in supplement form.  Best to eliminate a high protein foods from your diet (that cause bone degeneration), and instead get this from raw plants like kale, sesame seeds, etc.

Thank you so much for taking your time! I appreciate it very much!

> You’re so welcome!!!  With pleasure!
Q: Hi dear Amy
My detox is going very well. Last week was not so easy, but I tried to take as many breaks as possible, baths, and colon cleansing every day, as well as going to bed very early… it was really a good thing and a gift to my body!!
I feel much more vitalised and lighter.
I started with a thorough colon cleansing programm, which will last 6 weeks and includes cleaning, but also bacterias to reinstall a normal situation in it! I’m really happy to have started, thanks to you again!!
Would you recommend to go on with every day colon cleansing or reduce it?
I hope you’re fine and wish you a very nice trip through Europe!
Big hugs
A: Wow, good for you!  That’s great news!

Such is detox, especially in the first week as the body is releasing lots of
stored history.  Wonderful you will continue on for 6 weeks! Congratulations!!!
Most definitely – I recommend with any type of colon cleansing program, and
detox in general, that you’re doing regular enemas (at least 3 times weekly), and
best to do a colonic each week as well for extra deep cleaning… this is most
recommended so toxins don’t recycle in your blood.  Without proper colon washing,
all the good work of fasting isn’t given the same benefit if the bowels aren’t properly
irrigated at the same time.  This is when reabsorption of toxins can easily occur. Especially
if you haven’t been cleansing on a regular basis already for some time.
Great work!!! How exciting! I can imagine you must be feeling much much better now…
and this will continue.  Cleansing is the great secret to not only good health, yet also
turning back the hands of time, and reclaiming one’s youth.
Shine on, and hope to see you when we return to Zurich in September for another
breathwork and detox weekend.
Love to you!!!

Reinventing & Reclaiming Self

FullSizeRender (8)

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and all is well in the woods of Italy – living off grid.  We have bountiful excellent water you can drink from the tap, and it’s heated from the fireplace. Candles light up our little cottage at night that overlook mountains forever…. and soon, we will install solar panels.  It’s a safe haven dream come true.  We’re thankful for internet as we prepare for our first tour – taking breathwork, detox, intimacy, music, and storytelling on the road in Europe and USA (see dates below).

How was your month of May? For many, it was torrid, tumultuous, and difficult as Mercury Retrograde did a dance of deconstruction – dismantling parts of self and psyche – ultimately helping us to free what no longer serves.  Consciousness can appear callous, as evolution seems to be its only agenda.  Though, with every loss exists gain, with death comes birth, and in every season change is the only constant – such is the cycle of life.

No matter what you’ve been experiencing recently, do you find the energy began to shift in the past week, and your life is moving forward more readily?

Having been around the world a couple of times since the beginning of the year, I’ve reeled with excitement and much success… and honestly found myself over committed, and questioning most everything in my life.  Do we make fully informed choices?  Do we include our own personal needs and consider our own inner resources with every yes?  Or are our choices largely driven by working hard and responsibility?  Until “yes” has met its match in “no” – we may make decisions that are partially driven by blind spots (or trauma) – and without full regard for personal impact (even when we love what we’re committing to).  Sounds simple, though for many of us, unconsciously motivated from where we don’t see, can be like swimming upstream with no shore in sight.

Slowing down, coming even deeper back within, what do you hear?  At full speed, I certainly don’t hear like I do with more time and spaciousness.  In stillness, this is what I hear lately…

  1. allow for the deconstruction that’s happening within you
  2. let it happen, let go, surrender to it, and trust the process
  3. seek support where you’re stuck/scared
  4. love yourself fully, no matter what – love that too… love anyway
  5. reinvention is simultaneously happening within you – what do you really want?
  6. be curious and inquisitive of you now, of how you’re shifting, stay connected to your inner voice
  7. claim yourself, in every stage you experience, say yes to you, fully… as you are now (not based on what you may intend to become, or who you were)

If you’re at all  “trying” to eat raw, detox, meditate, etc… I suggest doing the inner work recommended in 1-6 above instead.  Beyond “trying” is taking all pressure off, doing our inner work, being aware of the reinvention already occurring within, and claiming Who We Really Are.

Is your Deeper Self calling?  What does your self-reinvention and reclaiming look like?

Love & Support,

Dr. Amy

Coming In 2016…..


European & US Tour

Seeds of Alchemy, is a 1-2 day introductory workshop. We will explore how self-inquiry, breathwork, detox, and conscious intimacy builds a healthy self-relationship, and therefore fulfilling relationships in general. Optionally, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience a 1-day nutritional detox on Sunday.This foundation course is the basis for both Anthony’s Alchemy of Breath, and Amy’s Holistic Nutrition & Detox, 1-year Teacher Training Programs. It sets the stage for an exciting journey of self-empowerment, and the option to becoming an all-star practitioner. On a personal level (and perhaps professional), you’ll have the opportunity to make the changes you most desire, and go for what you really want – with support and guidance.

Europe                                                                                                                                                       June 11-12, Zurich

June 16, Eten Vol Leven, Antwerp, Belgium – Special Event, Talk w/Amy & Anthony (registration:
June 18-19, Amsterdam
June 25, Manchester
June 26, London
July 2-3, Farnham                                                                                                                                
Sep. 17-18, Geneva

Oct. 1-2, NY, NY
Oct. 8-9, San Diego, CA
Oct. 15-16, San Francisco, CA

Oct. 30-Nov. 18.  Holistic Nutrition & Detox Retreat.  Vegan & Rawfood Chef Certification & Detox Training (

To Register For A Europe or USA Event, click here:

Like to be a part of helping us to promote an event or know a special venue? We’d love your support! Become a Seeds of Alchemy Ambassador! Email us for more info,

Learning To Relax & Balance, 7 Tips


Many people go to Bali in search of beauty, peace, and healing.  With that, others, like myself, go to facilitate and be part of a mass surgance in consciousness.  Ubud, an ancient town meaning medicine for thousands of years, is the biggest international hub on Earth I know for “people on the path.” It’s quite unique for holistic and spiritual study, culture and community.

Fast paced, the weak of heart and body can be healed with Godspeed.  Though it’s not without its demands to acknowledge what ails, and grow ones gifts. It’s similar to what’s happening worldwide, the opportunity to break down, with the chance to break through, and realize our greater potential.  In Ubud, it’s sped up, unrelenting, and often not subtle.  It is on the Ring of Fire after all.  Nonetheless, for those seeking growth, it can be excellent medicine.

Have you been going through big changes?  Tis the season, and a long one for many – sometimes we need the same lesson a few times before we embrace self-reflection and change, realizing that holding onto the known, may be self-inflicted poison.

In Bali, if I get caught up in going fast, my “work hard and long, no matter the self-expense story” can surface.   Bali is our operational base, with staff demands, many commitments, and lots of doing.  When my friends point out my unavailability and busyness, I feel disheartened with myself, though thankful to be cared for, and not attracting an “accident.”

Consciously choosing to slow down instead, I recommit to going deeper with my unconscious commitments – or Inner Orphan.  Out of old abandonment imprints, she forgets herself, and takes on more than is humane.  After years of self-punishment and pressure, I realize she’s the one that needs my love most.  Recommitting to this simple truth, I again open to a new type of learning curve – relaxation.

Letting go some more, I go deeper within.   Though practiced regularly, I deepen meditation, detox (let go of acting out with chocolate, food, etc.), breathe, and acknowledge whatever it is I’m unconsciously avoiding.

Without wounding felt and faced, overthinking and coping mechanisms can become a stable of our inner survival dialogue, and set one up for the potential of compromised health, happiness, success – and create imbalances. That place needs lots of love, and yes, much relaxation.

Relaxing seems like a luxury for many of us, though more and more I discover its healing necessity.  Here, my soul is breathing, acknowledged, and in the drivers seat of my mind.

You know what they say – the mind is an excellent servant – and a terrible master.

Here are 6 tips for relaxing and finding balance:

  1. self-reflect on your inner state of relaxation and balance, where are you now?
  2. acknowledge yourself for how you are taking care of yourself. Make a list. Focus on what you are doing, instead of the opposite.
  3. be honest about areas in your life where imbalance may be present. How do imbalances show up?  With food, in relationships, work, etc.?
  1. decide to love yourself anyway – all of you, what you judge, push away – wounds and all. Welcome all of you.
  2. be your own inner informant.   Sit still, open up your inner dialogue, and talk lovingly with yourself, just like you would a friend.  Be your own therapist.  Ask your body and being what it needs.  Listen and receive.  Allow all the love within you, pain, direction, feeling lost etc., to be heard.  Receive yourself.
  3. deeply relax into yourself by making time for you. Prioritize self-time and (re)commit to what’s important to you.
  4. do a detox, breathe, meditate – find balance with your personal practices, as first priority.

May the master of your soul, guide your mind.  May all of you – wounds and warts welcomed – be acknowledged as a piece of the puzzle in your ever-expanding greatness.

Love & Support,

Dr. Amy

Liver Kidneys Detox


Q: Hi Amy
I was just wanting to maybe do some sort of detox for my liver kidneys..
What do you suggest?

A: Hello…. Best to start with detoxing with bowels and blood – once emptied, focus can be put (and will happen more naturally), on liver and kidneys. Empty the bottom containers, before the top ones to avoid toxins spilling in the blood.

April News, Finding Your Voice & True Health – 6 Quick Tips

Dear Beloved Reader,

Thank you for your loyalty over the years…. many of us have been together a long time.

I’m changing the format of our monthly news to maximize your receiving, while minimizing the effort.  Less text, and more direct information, bathed in intimacy.

No matter the topic or turn of events, I believe intimacy is really what we want most. Sure is for me.  This format is intended to nurture your soul, while stimulating your mind, in fewer words.  Your feedback is ever welcome.

I’ve just spent the past 3 weeks in New York City, in deep study with my beautiful long-time vocal/music teacher Bettina, finding and refining my voice.  I also took out a long weekend to visit my family in Oklahoma, learning more about my life long struggle to even speak at times.  Ever want to speak up and out, though it just doesn’t come?

What’s it mean to find one’s voice?  How does this relate to true health?  For me it’s a heightened awareness between:  how freely expressed I am in my natural open state of uninhibited wellbeing, feeling good – or how constricted, shut down, silenced, and immobilized I feel (even to the point of ill health) – especially challenged in old family dynamics.  What is it for you?

Excuse me while I clear the “frog” in my throat… or la, la, la, la, la, la, la…. that’s better.

Silencing our own voice, others (or however we act out) – we often simultaneously lock out intimacy – and even health. Fortunately, we can make other choices.  For those who silence, we don’t always realize it can be just as destructive as those who rage.  Silencing to raging, these states are super-acidic for the body, lower pH, and are likely at the root of physical issues.

Yes eating healthy, staying super hydrated, managing vices, and exercising are crucial.  Though, you know that already.  What does your voice have to say?  Do you give exploring and expressing it importance as a base factor in maintaining good overall health?

Finding Your Voice & True Health – 6 Quick Tips:

  1. Be still, listen, and receive the voice inside of you.  What does it say?
  2. Dedicate yourself to speaking your truth.  What is your truth?  Journal  regularly to give your voice permission.
  3. Claim your health on all levels.  Give sound to what you feel, express yourself!

Question:  do you give yourself permission to express what you really feel and think?

  1. Respond instead of react, with different choices. Example:  “I choose to express myself appropriately, instead of shutting down and internalizing.”
  2. Do you have unresolved needs/feelings unexpressed in your relationships or at work?  Make a list, face them one by one.  Need help or find you’re postponing?  Seek emotional support with a qualified therapist (not just friends).
  3. Take singing lessons!  Train your voice to be available…. it most likely will be there for you, even if your emotions are unstable.

Here’s to getting that deep need met, to be seen – and heard.  May we first hear our own voice, see ourselves for who we really are, and courageously share from our pure nakedness.  Trusting, receiving – and letting go lots.

Love, Amy